The Super8 Reversal Lab stopped offering single8 cartridges some time ago. There is simply too less demand via this lab to make this work. I am very sorry. I kindly ask everyone to buy single8 directly from the source Retro Enterprises in Japan, or use this direct link to their webshop. The processing of all types single8 films will continue by this Super8 Reversal Lab.

Why use single8-8?
Using single8 films has many advantages. Maybe you know these, maybe you don't. The pressure-plate that keeps the film stabile when it is being exposed is a part of the camera and not of the cartridge. This makes single8 film very good, images have less problems with jitter. It is possible to rewind the full length of the film so you can re-expose [double expose] your images. This is a nice feature that you can use for fun or to make tricks and funny effects. Camera's are not so hard to buy. Specially the top Fuji models Z800 and ZC1000 are true pieces of film equipment. The following 2 single8 films are no longer available at this moment.

The last single8 cartridges have now been sold. The 100 Dollar question is now how this lab should continue? Should we offer single8 cartridges again, buy fresh stock in Japan? Our problem is that the single8 cartridges in Japan have become so expensive that we would have to ask a selling price of €70 - €75 for cartridge + processing + reel + sending + 21% taxes. You also end up with only 12 meter of film and not the regular 15 meter. If this lab will get many requests for single8 (get on the list, send me an email, no strings attached) we might order fresh stock again from our friends at Retro Enterprises. But if you know that in the past 6 months the demand for single8 was very low, we don't know how to deal with this situation. There are still single8 cartridges available via Retro Enterprises in Japan or via Click und Surr in Berlin, Germany. After exposure you can always send the film to Den Haag for development, everybody is welcome.

single8 system

system properties
Fuji single8 cartridges are long shaped, not square. The unexposed film is in the upper chamber and the exposed part is wound on the lower part of the cartridge. A very simple and effective system. But hey, this should be known facts for you...

asa value film sensitivity
On the backside of the cartridge is a circle shape hole. The longer this part the higher the ASA settings are. Fuji camera's can read 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400ASA values. Please be carefully that your camera can handle the type of film you are using. Not all camera's can recognize all films. You can check your cartridge compartment and try to locate the little pins. Or maybe read the original camera's manual.

Aviphot 200d

Retro8 Aviphot 200D single8 *NEW*
A single8 colour reversal daylight film (12 meter).
Exposure Index 200 ASA [without filter].
This cartridge contains Agfa Aviphot 200D and is now available in single8 cartridges.
Click to enlarge.

pijl Get better colour reversal single8 cartridges from Retro Enterprises

All prices are excluding reels, sending and 21% VAT.
The processing is still done by the Super8 Reversal Lab.


Retro8 Retro-X single8
A single8 black and white reversal film (12 meter).
Exposure Index 200ASA [without filter].
Please pay attention to the package which is a true artwork and real Japanese design. The film itself is an Orwo black and white negative film from Germany. This means that you can process this single8 film as negative or in reversal. As a negative film you get a very grainy result. It is being sold with a reversal process since many filmmakers like to project/screen their film.
The small disadvantage of this film is that the base is not 100% clear. This means that the white is not completely white and that the film has not a high contrast. The good thing about this is that it makes it easier for video transfers. Furthermore this film has a length of 12 meter (not 15 meters) so the running time is shorter. Be aware of these facts when you use it please.

Available only via Retro Enterprises in Japan

Processing will always be available at the Super8 Reversal Lab. If you buy the Retro-X cartridges in Japan you can send them to the S8RL for development, if you live in Europe.

All prices are excluding reels, postal charges and 21% taxes.
Read many info about single8 here.

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