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George Eastman House
I think this is an inspiring series in which the George Eastman House explains 12 different photographic processes from the beginning (1839) until today. These techniques are the base for our super8 film making and this knowledge is fast dissapearing. Click the image to visit the George Eastman House YouTube channel.
[16 December 2014]

eastman link
ferrania Kick Ferrania
The Film Ferrania factory setup a Kickstarter project in order to purchase and build a small plant where they can poor new emulsion. That is a great idea and worth to financially support them.
[01 October 2014].
super8-lab Order form
From now on the lab has an official order form that helps us both to improve the communication and therefore I kindly ask everyone to use this. Download it here.
[25 September 2014].
save film
I guess I do not have to explain this website, please sign the petition to preserve film as medium.
[23 May 2014].


In the past week I was a volunteer for 1 day for our Dutch national film institute EYE. In one of their vaults they keep nitrate film [very flamable] that has to be manually checked by opening every single can by hand. And what a way this was to spend my free day.
[21 May 2014].

super8-lab Pages update
In the past weeks we've update the the super8 pages.
[19 March 2014].
ferrania Ferrania factory
The same story in English about the Ferrania film factory in Italy.
[20 Februar 2014].
ferrania Ferrania factory
German company Wittner Cinetec has visited the Ferrania film factory in Italy and placed a large amount of photo's on their website. Even if you don't read German it is interesting to take a closer look at the pictures because as far as I know there aren't much film factories that show their machines and interior to the whole world. So grab your chance.
FilmFerrania (as they call themselves) is working on making new emulsions for us, the people who like to expose film. The FilmFerrania goal is to produce various stocks but what interest me most is a new 50, 100 or 200 ASA colour reversal film, so let's cross our fingers they can get this factory rollin'.
[18 Februar 2014].
Aviphot 200d

Aviphot 200D in single8
It's here, the new single8 film from Japan, it contains Agfa Aviphot 200D emulsion that was already available in super8 cartridges.
A single8 colour reversal daylight film (12 meter). Exposure Index 200 ASA [without filter]. Click to enlarge.

pijlExcluding processing not available
pijlIncluding processing € 35.00 [each, excl. 21% VAT]

All prices are excluding reels, sending and 21% VAT.
The processing is done by the Super8 Reversal Lab.

[09 February 2014].


I am looking forward to 2014 and I hope you all do too. The super8 year 2014 promisses us two major new products that will make us all very happy. I expect a lot from the new super8 camera that will be released by a father and son from Denmark, the Logmar company. Here you read more about them, a great article by F. Wachsmut.
Secondly I hope the Ferrania company from Italy will relaunch their reversal film stock this year. Follow the Ferrania site to keep yourself up-to-date. This news sounds almost to good to be true, and if Kodak is listening they might wanna produce some Ekta 100D every once in a while too. Yes Kodak there is still a market for colour reversal films!
So happy 2014 everyone!
[03 January 2014].

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