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super8-lab New Year's holidays
From December 23 until January 5th the lab will be closed for the New Year holidays. Thank you everyone who has supported the super8 lab in 2013, that has been a satisfied year! I am looking forward to 2014!
[20 December 2013].

Video interview with FRI
As you might know I represent Film Rescue International in Europe, for more than 1 year now we have a succesfull partnership and friendship.
In this video [it starts at about 1.00 minute, don't let the commercial stop you] you can see Greg at work in his lab. It gives a good view on what FRI does! I am happy to be a small part of this!
[20 December 2013]


Creative use
There are film makers that are very creative in using and combining super8 and single8 film. This example shows Kodak Vision-3 super8 color negative film in a single8 cartidge. Now he can use the latest emulsion in single8 format. Maybe it is good to remember that at this moment there is no company in the world [not even Wittner or Retro8] that load color negative emulsion in single8 cartridges.
[08 November 2013].

EYE logo

Enjoy this short video. A behind the scene movie in the nitrate archive of EYE, the film museum in Amsterdam. Silent film curator Elif Rongen-Kaynakci explains how nitrate film is treated and restored.
[05 November 2013]

kodak logo kodak company
It is a fact. Kodak has survived and is ready for the future. 'Our motion picture film business will continue to be part of the company’s future. We are manufacturing film, we’ve inked contracts with six studios, labs around the world are dedicated to quality service, and, most importantly, filmmakers are choosing film.'. Click the logo for more details by Kodak.
[05 November 2013].
330live Super8 event Den Haag
On November 30th there will be a large super8 event held in 330 LIVE. Click the links for more info. Come and join!
[02 November 2013].
Blind Night

The Blind Night
Roberto de Baltasar Ugena made this short trailer on Kodak Tri-X black/white reversal film that I developed. Don't you think this looks awesome? I find it very beautifull and stylish. Roberto hopes he can raise more funds now so he can produce the long version of his American 40's noir film. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and one thing is for sure; he knows how to make movies.
[29 oktober 2013]

E100D in cross-process

Cross-process vs color negative
Click on the small image and view the enlargement first please.
On the left side you see a super8 Ektachrome 100D color reversal film that was developed in C-41 color negative chemistry. Using the opposite chemistry than the intended one is called 'cross-processing' and can be applied to a variety of emulsions, you always get an (unexpected) different result. This idea of E6-C41 was used a lot during the period that analogue photography was at it's top in fashion industry. The stronger colours and higher contrasts was something that fit :-).
The right side of the picture shows Vision-3 color negative super8 film processed in it's original ECN-2 bath. I show you this because many of today's users have no idea what color negative film looks like. If you expose Vision-3 films (or other color negative stock) you should be aware that these types have an orange mask, and the film should be printed onto positive film or scanned and made digital positive before you can actually view the final results.
I would like to thank the two film makers who gave permission to use the still images.

[27 October 2013].

ferrania Ferrania
You probably read this news on other websites and if you did that's just perfect. If this is new for you then you might be pleased that Ferrania from Italy is going to make new colour reversal filmstock that will also be available in the super8 format! So this is just what we need! Go to their website by clicking the logo.
[15 August 2013].
super8-lab Summer vacation
From Augusts 16th until September 8th the lab will be closed for summer holidays.
[09 August 2013].
Foma D8

Fomapan D8
From now on available double8 [D8] Fomapan R100 black/white reversal film (2x10 meter)
EI 100 by daylight [no filter].
Click to enlarge.

Excluding processing not available
Including processing € 22.00 [each/roll excl. reel, shipping and 21% BTW]

This film is only suitable for camera's that handle double8 films, also known as regular8 or normal8. Film camera's that work are for example a Bolex H-8 Rex-4 or a Bolex P2 Zoom Reflex. The film will be split after processing and edited on 1 large reel for projection [about 4 minutes running time]. Order films via .
[29 mei 2013].

Fomapan DS8

Fomapan DS8
From now on available doublesuper8 [DS8] Fomapan R100 black/white reversal film (2x30 meter)
EI 100 by daylight [no filter].
Click to enlarge.

Excluding processing not available
Including processing € 60.00 [each/roll excl. reel, shipping and 21% BTW]

This film is only suitable for camera's that handle doublesuper8 films like Zenit Quarz DS8 or Canon Zoom DS8 camera's. The doublesuper8 film format is often written as DS8. The film will be split after processing and edited on 1 large reel for projection [about 12 minutes running time]. Order films via .
[29 mei 2013].

super8-lab Pages update
In the past weeks we've update the the super8 and the single8 pages.
[26 May 2013].

Naren Wilks
This film 'Collide-o-scope' is made by artist Naren Wilks who shot it on super8 that was developed by this lab. We are proud to be a small part of this great work of art. Naren has won several prices with his film already.
[18 April 2013]


16mm + 35mm
Our combined know-how lead since the beginning of this year to a positive start in handling telecine jobs for small format films. This close co-operation with Haghefilm Digitaal spreads out to new combined services. From now on the S8RL offers also their 16mm and 35mm color negative processing [process ECN-2] for all customers, professional or artistic. This makes it much more easy for international film makers to deliver their processing work from 8mm to 35mm at one lab that can handle all the assignments.

[08 March 2013].


Graficolor Switzerland
If you click the small image you can enjoy a photo series made in Swiss super8 lab Graficolor. They are open three days a week and develop about 1000 cartridges a year. A nice photo serie.

[26 February 2013].


Agfa Aviphot
On several places people are testing a new emulsion that can be used in super8 cartidges; Agfa Aviphot 200ASA color reversal film. This emulsion can be screened after development with a movie projector just like Ektachrome 100D. It is daylight balanced color reversal film after all. The first tests that were done by the S8RL are positive, the emulsion has a large latitude [you have a wide exposure range] and the colors are good. Unfortunatly the weather isn't that great so it's difficult to judge color in this stage. The disadvantage of Agfa Aviphot is that it has a large grain structure, and we think that we can improve the quality by using an adjusted processing system. So we hope to find a solution for better results, a matter of time. Click the image to view a few slides we made on 35mm still film, be aware that you are watching slide film and not super8 frames.

[22 February 2012].

Kodak 100D

Kodak Ektachrome 100D color reversal, type 7285 (50feet), Exposure index daylight EI 100 [no filter]. Click to enlarge.

Excluding processing not available
Including processing € 33.10 [each, excl. 21% VAT] Limited available.

Yes, Kodak did announce they will not make this film emulsion anymore, and that's really a shame because it was sold out immediatly. Now this lab orders the films that are still left from German company Wittner and that's the reason why we had to increase the price, sorry. It's available while it lasts. To order this film just send an .
[5 February 2013].


Adox Pan-X 100 reverso
black & white reversal film, about 15 meter each cartridge
ISO 100/21° Daylight (no filter)
[Click to enlarge].

Excluding processing € 16.75 [each cartridge excl. 21% VAT]
Including processing € 24.20 [each cartridge excl. 21% VAT]

The film is sold for some time now but I never added it to this list, sorry. This German film has a clear triacetate base and the Adox company is doing very well with manufactoring light sensitive film [read they poor their own emulsion]. This black and white reversal film can also be developed in b/w negative.
[31 January 2013].

Looper8 logo

Looper 8
This super8 looper machine was developed by David Pfluger from Switserland. He invested a lot of time in the super8 looper so you can be sure it works fantastic [I know from experience that it's not easy to build]. The idea is that you make an endless film. You have one scene that you want to repeat over and over again? Then you can use a loop machine. You glue the beginning and the end together so it besome one endless long super8 film. You can repeat it untill infinity. Click the image for more info.
[30 january 2013].


Haghefilm Digial
This super laboratory and Haghefilm Digital have started a co-operation for the small format films. We focus mainly on archives and institution as our first customers!

[24 January 2013].

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