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super8-lab New Year 2011-2012
Because of Christmas and New Years day the lab will be closed from Thursday 22nd December 2011 until Tuesday 3rd January 2012. Happy New Year! Films arrived before Wednesday 14th December 17.00 hours can be developed before our holiday, but that's not a guaranty, we do our best.
Wegen das Weihnachtsfest und Neuen Jahr wird das Labor von Donnerstag 22. Dezember 2011 bis Dienstag 3. Januar 2012 geschlossen sein. Frohe Weihnachten und Neues Jahr!
[12 December 2011]


Data scanning
From now on the Super8 Reversal Lab can offer full HD scanning. [Update November 2012, we cancelled this service, visit our links page for others who can help you].

[19 November 2011].


WittnerChrome F64T and UN54 in our range
From now on we have added two super8 emulsion to our range. Together with Wittner Cinetec Germany we can offer you this;

*WittnerChrome F64T Fujichrome Professional film*
Colour reversal film, about 15 meter each cartridge.
ISO 64/19° Tungsten (3200K, no filter)
ISO 32/16° Daylight (5500K, use Wratten 85B filter)
Excluding development € 23.50 [each cartridge excl. VAT]
Including development € 31.75 [each cartridge excl. VAT]

*Wittner B&W UN54 Orwo film*
Black and white film, about 15 meter each cartridge.
Expose as 125 ASA if you prefer reversal development (no filter)
Expose as 100 ASA if you desire negative development (no filter)
Excluding development € 15.20 [each cartridge excl. VAT]
Including development € 22.10 [each cartridge excl. VAT]

Of course you can also order these films directly in Germany from Wittner Cinetec. Be quick since F64T is a limited available. (click image to enlarge two boxes).
[29 October 2011].


Nanolab Australia
Unexpected visitors today! Richard and Dianna are on a European roundtrip tour from 'Down Under' Australia, and they try to visit as many independent labs as possible to share ideas and knowledge. In the city Daylesford, Australia they also run a film lab for the development of super8. Both were also present at the large artists' lab meeting held in Zagreb last September. It seems that only friendly people work in the super8 business :-) ! (click image).
[24 October 2011].


Movie camera
An article to think about can be read here. The three major analogue movie camera manufactorers have stopped the production (16mm + 35mm) and are focussing on improving high quality digital version of their own products. Here the article about the future.
Let me quote an interesting alinea:
'Eastman Kodak, Chris Johnson, Director of New Business Development, Entertainment Imaging, counters that "I don't see a time when Kodak stops making film stock," noting the year-on-year growth in 65mm film and popularity of Super 8mm. "We still make billions of linear feet of film," he says. "Over the horizon as far as we can see, we'll be making billions of feet of film."
[14 October 2011].


Steve Jobs
Mister Steve Jobs died today. As many probably know he was ill for a long time. It is sad news. As kind of a tribute I mention it also here on this super8 website, as there is no further connection between Steve Jobs and super8 as far as I know. He was a unique personality that stands above all
[06 October 2011].


Home Movie Day
The HMD doesn't need any introduction anymore I guess. We'll all celebrate the small format film on Saturday 15th October this year. Several location all over the world will bring an tribute to the best format on celluloid film, super8. It is an honour that I am invited by EYE Filmmuseum to give a short presentation on the present possibilities with super8 film. In the program from 16.15 until 18.00 hours i will speak for about 20 minutes and mainly show how beautiful super8 can be, and is:
Vondelpark 3
1071 AA
It is going to be a busy day since I will travel (as visitor) to Hilversum in the morning. The Institute for Sound and Image will also spend a lot of attention to super8:
Institute for Sound and Image
Media Park, Sumatralaan 45
1217 GP
Both locations are recommended to visit, but please do not forget to organize you're own Home Movie Day with friends, family or you're city! It is for everybody! (click image)
[03 October 2011].

t-shirt Kampen
The 8mm Festival in Kampen is one of its kind. Residents of Kampen for residents of Kampen. Completely stripped of all the (useless) extra's that you get when you visit film festivals, these people in the middle of the country stay cool. This is an 8mm festival as it is intended to be, amateur movies at it's peak quality. A friendly atmosphere, everyone knows each other, and in some way contributed to one of the films ('9 films this year "; according to the enthusiastic presenter!) or helped in other ways to make it a successful evening. With so much local friendship and brotherhood you become an 'outsider' very easily. And that's okay, I sincerely hope they never change this tradition and stick to what actually matters on a film festival; one projector and one projection screen. C'EST TOUT
. (click to enlarge more images).
[21 September 2011]


Run out
The feature film 'super8' had it's final screenings last week in some Dutch cinema's. So one of the largest cinema's of the Netherlands thought it was okay if I came and took a 3D advertisement -also know as 'standy'- home. I will find a suitable place for it in my lab very soon. You could run to you're local cinema and get one for you're own bedroom too. (click to enlarge)
[11 September 2011].

haagse filmbank

Filmbank Den Haag
You can watch many great movies on The collection consists of films related to The Hague (where this lab is situated). Almost everyone knows a few family members who previously filmed on small gauge film. These films may not always be high-quality from a technical point of view, but they may be of cultural heritage value because of the content. Or just fun to watch. The Hague Municipal can help you assess your movies. The Hague Film archive has a depot with climate control for keeping movies in a good condition. At the same time they digitize your old movies and show them in a modern way (like on the website). If you have any movies? Please contact the curator of the Hague via phone: +31-70-3537008. (click image).
[10 September 2011].

Shoot it on Super8

Do it with Super8
The feature film 'super8' has brought us all a website for new film makers and potential small format film lovers. I would have choosen 'shoot it on super8' as catchy sentence since I get strange ideas by 'do it with super8' :-). The website looks anyway very fashionable and shows you step by step what to do if you plan to make a super8 movie. A very good idea. If you live in Germany or Austria you can make use of the very special offer under chapter 5 'Alles in einem'. For only €19,00 you get one Ektachrome super8 film + development + telecine, and also 3 issues of the magazine SchmalFilm. An irresistible and great offer, if you live there... There is an English version of the website which makes it a practical guide for everyone. The website and €19,00 offer is supported by publisher Schiele & Schön, Kodak Germany, Andec filmlaboratory, Screenshot scanning and publisher Atoll Medien. I say con-gra-tu-la-tions!
[23 augustus 2011].

WittnerChrome F64T

WittnerChrome F64T a new super8 film
German company Wittner Cinetec did it again, they put a new product on the market. This time it is a super8 cartridge that is filled with Fujichrome T64 Professional Film that was slit and perforated first.
ISO 64/19° Tungsten (3200K, without filter)
ISO 32/16° Daylight (5500K, Wratten 85B filter)
This lab can develop this new film easily because it's an E6 process that is also used for Ektachrome 100D for example. The prices are €23.45 excl. and €27.90 including VAT for each cartridge excluding development. Order it directly in Germany from Wittner Cinetec. Be fast because there is only a limited supply. (click to enlarge)
[22 August 2011].


SchmalFilm magazine article 'Perfektionist des Nichtperfekten'
The magazine and author Florian Cramer have approved that I can upload the article as PDF file here on the website. Please donwload and read the full article (in German language) here. I say thank you to SchmalFilm and Florian! If you click the image you'll visit the SchmalFilm magazine website.
[19 August 2011].

Foma DS8

Fuji RT200N is history
From today on Fuji RT200N single8 film is no longer available. I spoke about this during a Skype conversation I had with Tak Kohyama from Retro Enterprises Tokyo. According to Tak it was already known that the end of RT200N was in sight, it actually existed one year longer than initially thought. The Japanese factory still makes R25N but that might also be no longer available soon. If we have bad luck maybe even a few years. It's sad news, even if the production of Fomapan black/white reversal film started again in the Czech Republic. Fuji films are brilliant in their sharpness and colour, and let's not forget that the camera cassette system is better than that of super8 (click image).
[16 August 2011].

frisco Frisco
Yannick Wijgman works mainly in assignment for shops and companies. The (advertising) movie you can view here on the right (play it full screen) is shot entirely on Kodak Ektachrome 100D film. It has been developed by this lab and transferred in HD quality by Daan Müller from de Smalfilmwerkplaats. Personally I find the result crisp, fresh, neutral of colour and it has a very good sharpness. This is how beautiful super8 can be on a digital format.
[16 August 2011].

Foma DS8

Fomapan R100 production
According to several sources the production of Fomapan R100 has started again.
[14 August 2011].


Super8 by J.J. Abrams
From today in theaters in the Netherlands the famous movie; Super8, from producer Steven Spielberg and directedby J.J. Abrams. That's a lot of fun for a rainy day. A lot more fun is the App they have created for you're smartphone!

On the right live twitter messages about this movie, or view the official twitter here or this super8news page.
[11 August 2011].


SchmalFilm magazine article 'Perfektionist des Nichtperfekten'
In the latest issue 3-2011 you'll find a large article about the Super8 Reversal Lab. This very well written and informative piece was made my Florian Cramer, a enthusiastic small format film maker! If you click the image you'll visit the SchmalFilm website.
[02 August 2011].


Marta Jurkiewicz made one of this years graduation films for the Dutch Film and Television Academy. Her film 'Dochters' (Daughters) was shot partly in super8 format (click image). This lab developed the cartridges for her. Here the synopsis in Dutch;
'Elzbieta (Lodz, Polen) heeft tot aan het overlijden van haar moeder voor haar gezorgd. De filmmaakster, de dochter van Elzbieta, gaat naar Lodz om te helpen met het ontruimen van de woning van haar oma. Hierbij wordt duidelijk dat de zorgvraag een generatie is opgeschoven. De afstand maakt dat deze vraag vooralsnog onbeantwoord blijft. Deze korte documentaire reflecteert op persoonlijke wijze op een gevoel waar ieder mens, die zijn of haar ouders achterlaat in een ander land, mee worstelt.'
. Here the program.
[23 June 2011].


Clockwise turning
Some cartridges that arrive in the lab are completely wrinkled/damaged inside. You can avoid this easily by always turning the takeup roller clockwise (click the image). So if you think the film got stuck or jammed, please turn clockwise. Damaged and wrinkled films are more difficult to develop and digitally transfered.
[21 June 2011].


Somnio film festival
Today and tomorrow you can still visit the 'Somnio Film Festival van de niet-gedistribueerde film'. Films that splash because of the love of cinema, vulnerable, daring, shocking or funny. From independent filmmakers from the Netherlands and from everywhere, with movies in their own style that tell something special. Without distributors their work can only reach a fraction of the audience they deserve. Somnio wants to change that. This exceptional viewing experience opens you're eyes of this new festival. (click the image).
[18 June 2011].


Always wanted to determine what chair is the best for you when you are watching a lovely film? This is you're chance! Read the message EYE send to all it's friends (click image).
[15 June 2011].


It's almost here, the summer holidays
From 25 June until 17 July the lab will have a peacefull summer holiday!

[15 June 2011].


It is here, a new book!
Everything you always wanted to know about super8 but were afraid to ask. Or all you can possibly eat super8! A new fresh made book that covers all aspects of making a super8 movie, what more do you want? Click the image for details.

[14 June 2011].


Building a darkroom
Just enjoy a smal stop-motion video with a catchy soundtrack, and see how you could build a darkroom for yourself. The movie has a few hidden practicall tips. Thank you Denis Guzzo
[14 June 2011].

8mm festival Kampen calling (via e-mail)
The lovely 8mm film festival Kampen Netherlands is open for submission, please download the PDF file here. You can print and send it via regular post or use their e-mail address: If you want to order the DVD from last year for only €5,00 excluding sending please write them with the subject 'order DVD'. Thanks for the attention and hope to see you at the festival. The 8mm Festival.
[17 May 2011]


Seen for the first time in Antwerp; a coming soon poster for Steven Spielberg's newest production 'super8'. I guess he has noticed that 'our super8' is very popular these days and he might have thought that he could get some extra visitors this way :-). You should always try something new to draw the attention :-)
Who needs 3D anyway.
[03 May 2011].


Analogue film has the future
Today Dutch newspaper 'de Volkskrant' published an article about analogue photography. It seems that more and more (student) photographers are using the darkroom to experience the magic of film emulsion and film grain. There are even schools that, after years, re-open the darkroom because students demand it. You can read the full article on the website of the newspaper or buy an edition (analogue!) in the bookstore
. Click the logo for 3 screenshots.
The lab is very happy with these news items because it's important that more people use analogue film in order to keep it for the future. The only way to preserve analogue film worldwide is to increase the demand for these lovely emulsions on celluloid, so spread the word and expose film.
[27 April 2011].

bart constant Video clip
Producer Nina Spiering made in co-operation with director Mirka Duijn the video for Bart Constant - "Do Better" (with Dustin O'Halloran).
The music video was partly shot on Ektachrome 100D that was processed by this lab and scanned by Die Filmwerkstatt from Germany, part of it was done in HD. The result is a stylish video and that was achieved because they also spend a lot energy on the colour grading. Now the super8 and video images become 1. Please click the small image for a larger version of the file than the one on the right.
[04 April 2011]

Foma DS8

Fomapan R100 production stop
There were rumours on the internet about Fomapan R100 but now I can definitely mention here that Czech Republic company Foma has stopped the production of it's Fomapan R100 for this moment. Three independent suppliers told me that this is true, and it's a sad thing actually. The R100 cine film is a nice alternative for Kodak Tri-X reversal stock and Orwo's UN54 negative black and white. Foma doesn't have the clear base film where they can pour the emulsion on. These transparent base films are only produced by a few companies world wide (Kodak and Fuji for sure, and Agfa and Orwo maybe?) and that makes it even more difficult to get the Fomapan R100 production going again. Let's all hope it will all be solved soon so we can buy and enjoy these b/w films.
[30 March 2011].


Petition supporting L'Abominable (shortened e-mail to the lab)
Why it is important to help L’Abominable as it is in danger of being evicted.

The non-profit organization L’Abominable in the suburbs of Paris, has been able to gather the energy, competence and equipment to offer an impressive range of techniques for the processing and the printing of Super-8, 16mm and 35mm film, as well as digital transfers to and from these formats. The association functions by apprenticeship: the filmmakers more proficient in the equipment teach others how to operate and use tools which were previously thought to be inaccessible and too complicated to be used by the general public. This do-it-yourself operation has yielded its fruit: more than 250 works have benefited from L’Abominable’s existence since its creation in 1996. Its activity and experience in this particular area, the wide range of services it offers and the quality of the works created with its assistance have given it an internationally recognized reputation and a particular importance within the network of artist-run film labs in Europe and abroad, even though its public funding remains minimal.
But all this was possible only because L’Abominable paid almost no rent. At a time when this organization is finding itself evicted from the inexpensive premises where it was created some 15 years ago, thereby threatening its very existence, public funding bodies must understand the contemporary issue that represents the passage of cinematographic tools away from the industry and into the hands of the artists themselves. While the digitalization of commercial cinemas is heavily funded, a structure such as L’Abominable must be given the means to survive this transition, in order to continue and develop its activities to the full potential of its technical tools and expertise it has assembled over the years through obstinate perseverance

To support us by signing this petition, please go to:
Common web site of more than 20 artist-run film labs in the world:
Archive of the dix ans de L’Abominable program (2006-2007):
L'Abominable's website:
[29 March 2011].


9th April 2011 German Waghausel film fair
I have made some advertisement in the past for this sympathic film fair in Germany. Now i'll do it again because they can use all visitors possible, from all over the world. So if you have a chance to visit Waghausel (near Mannheim) please go. You will not regret it. Did you know that many film collectors join the evening before and afterwards for a meal? I mean where can you experience that? You should not under-estimate the power of German bear and bratwurst. Click the image for some images that I took in 2007 when i joined inn. Time and place: 9th April 2011 from 10-16 hours in the Wagbachhalle, Wiesental, 68753 Waghausel in Germany (Flyer large German).

[22 March 2011].

Canon 5mkII Do-it-yourself super8 transfer
Sometimes the lab receives url's to fantastic online movies. This is one of them (click image). James Miller used a Eumig movie projector and a Canon photo camera to make his own super8 transfer machine. You can see the results on the left. I think it is awesome, just project the 8mm film directly onto the ccd chip of the full-frame photo camera. There are many pro's and con's about this setup but the main issue is that everyone that hasn't much money or just likes to play with moving pictures can rebuild a system like this.
[21 March 2011]
Schmalfilm E6 test Schmalfilm Magazine does large E6 development lab test
In the current issue of German Magazine SchmalFilm is an article about E6 processing lab's in Europe. Why they then call it a world wide test is strange. Anyway. This lab named as was also part of their investigation and we came out with the judgement 'GUT', that means that I did pretty okay I guess. All lab's were not aware they were part of the test, and it did not matter if the company that offered the E6 development did the work in their own house, or that they asked some other lab to actually do the processing. It's was the end results that counts. Please judge for yourself by reading the article, click the image (German language). The most important result is that all lab's performed well :-)
[03 March 2011]
revelado reversible

Spanisch soundfilm
Mister Angel Caro from Spain has a super8 laboratory in the city Lérida. He has succesfully added a soundstrip to a Ektachrome 100D super8 emulsion. After winding the film back into the cartridge (a single8 sound cartridge) he was able to record synchronised sound onto his super8! He then developed this film and you can check the results to the right, the sound is really okay. A very big compliment for Angel Caro because it is not easy to do it!
[02 March 2011].

soho uk Urgent Action Required by UK Filmmakers to Save 16mm in the UK (copy from an e-mail that was send to us)
Dear UK-based 16mm filmmakers,
As you probably know, the UK's last major commercial film lab, SOHO LAB, has decided to stop 16mm printing, due to a takeover by Deluxe, an American-owned company. To take some action, I'm compiling a list of all the 16mm print work UK filmmakers will need carrying out by 1st May (some known, some realistically projected), and will send this to Deluxe/Soho Film Lab, as evidence that we still present a viable economic return to them, and that their service is of enormous value to UK art. If you know of anyone else who is likely to get 16mm print work done, please pass this message to them and ask them to email the work they'll need in a concise way. Please email brief details of the required 16mm print work with your name and email contact below to: and I'll copy and paste this into a document to send to the Deluxe/Soho Lab, and will post the final version on Frameworks and the Labos forum next week. Sunday is the deadline, giving us all 7 days to do this. Please take action now!
Also sign the petition here:
And for more info, you can read Tacita Dean's article in the Guardian here:
And this link from David Leister:
I have no idea if this will make any difference, but we have to try!

[01 March 2011]
I Love 16mm 16mm campaign
Five Dutch companies have joined forces in the campaign "I Love 16mm". The idea is to persuade film makers to shoot on (super-) 16mm!
Step 1. Anyone who now rents a camera via: Camera Rentals [Charlie Mcgough 020-6630386] or Golden Eye [Kelly Lee Stone 020-6345127] may benefit. Step 2. Let Fujifilm Motion Picture Film [sales office 020-6250714] or Kodak BV Netherlands [Janneke van Meeteren / Louis Machado 020-6545259] know that you participate in the action. Step 3. Then leave the rolls of film developed, prepared and scanned to digital format at Cineco Digital Post Lab [Robert de Vries 020-5658411]. If you follow these three steps, you get an unbelievably low price that is very competitive compared to video or digital recording but with the superb image quality of film. Until June 1, 2011 shooting on 16mm is extra cheap ....
[28 February 2011]
schmalfilm Kodachrome + sound
A promo film for super8 shot on super8 film by German magazine 'Schmalfilm'. Here a quote from their e-mail that came along; 'Liebe Freunde des schmalfilm, nun ist er online, der erste Clip, der für Super 8 und schmalfilm wirbt. Wir haben Super-8-Freaks gefragt, warum sie auf Super 8 drehen. Und sie haben uns ihre Antworten auf einer letzten Kodachrome 40 Soundfilm-Kassette in 60 Meter Länge gegeben. Die ist schnell noch
nach USA verschifft worden, um bis Ende Dezember 2010 bei Dwayne's entwickelt zu werden. Nun ist der Kodachrome Geschichte und wir haben die vermutlich letzte Großraum-Tonfilmkassette dort entwickeln lassen.' Why would you shoot on super8? Here are the answers from German super8 lovers.
[04 februari 2011].
smalfilmtest Smalfilmtest website (Dutch)
There is a new Dutch website that sums up many different telecine and scanners that are being used to transfer super8 into a digital format. It can be practical to know what system you're own transfer company is using so you also know what to expect or what not. Sorry that it's only written in Dutch.
[02 Februari 2011].
iffr-app IFFR 2011 App
You know!
[28 januari 2011].
steenbeck Filmprogram with original Kodachrome @ IFFR 2011
If you're in Rotterdam please try out of of Guy Edmonds programmes.
During the IFFR Guy Edmonds will present two short programmes that will celebrate the peerless qualites of Kodachrome film stock now that its manufacture and development have finally ceased. On 30th December 2010 the last film was developed at Dwayne’s Laboratory in Kansas, 75 years after the first rolls were threaded into 16mm cameras.
Though Kodachrome, the king of film stocks, is dead it is not yet buried. Indeed kept in the right conditions most Kodachrome images will still be exhibiting the trademark palette hundreds of years into the future. Like the similarly deceased Technicolor, Kodachrome is a colour process that adds colour dyes to a black and white base and it is this that is the foundation of its distinctive look as well as its impressive archival characteristics.
In order to convey the true essence of Kodachrome Guy Edmonds will project outstanding original reversal films – shorts consisiting of amateur films and home movies such as West of the Rockies and Holland Somewhere, and industrial films such as Encartonnage des bobines Photographiques. Different permutations of the material from its 75-year lifetime will both celebrate and investigate the concept of the Kodachrome aesthetic. From the collection of Eye, the film Tarting Over by Paul and Menno de Nooijer will demonstrate an ideal preservation case study.
Once and Future Kodachrome 1
January 31st 2011, 18:00-19:00, Lantaren Venster 6
Once and Future Kodachrome 2
February 3rd 2011. 22:00-23:00, Lantaren Venster 6
Guy Edmonds works for the EYE Filminstitute, formerly known as Filmmuseum.
[28 januari 2011].
editieNL TV debut
The Dutch news and entertainment show EditieNL on RTL4 television screened the item on super8 filming this evening at 18.15 hours. It was my so called tv debut, even if it was very short and it's clear that I'm not used speaking in front of a camera. [Read the news item from 21st January]. The edit of the super8 Ektachrome 100D next to the digital video shots workes very well, it has a nice feeling to it. More important is that the tv show informed the viewers that you can make a super8 film today. That was the best advertising so far. Via the RTL website you can view the item as streaming video (Dutch language only).
[26 januari 2011].
kunsthal Free super8 transfer
During the IFFR you can get a free scanning/telecine to DVD of 1 super8 film of three minutes at the Kunsthal. (This free telecine service is not offered via my lab, but done by our concullega SuperSens). In the meantime you can view the screening of 25 super8 films at the same time, a project by Johan Kramer called 'Bye Bye Super8'. [Update 31 jan -> added images, click logo].
[26 januari 2011].
IFFR-2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam
The biggest film festival of the Netherlands starts today for the 40th time. From 26th January until 6th February 2011 you can view films on many different places and enjoy good old restored classics but also avant-garde art. The place to be for short films is the new LatarenVenster. Short films are films that have a maximum length of 60 minutes. The 'Tiger Awards for Short Film' is something to keep in mind. In the program 'Spectrum Short' is a film by Arianne Olthaar , her film is made entirely on super8 colour negative and shows abandoned nightclubs. So go and have fun!
[26 januari 2011].
Volkskrant Digital is boring!(PDF)
With permission and thanks to author Sasha Bronwasser you can download the article 'Digitaal is saai!' on super8 as a PDF file (Dutch language). This article was first published in 'de Volkskrant' newspaper on 21 Januari 2011 on page 6 and 7 from the 'art pages'.
[25 January 2011]
rtl television crew Editie NL
In the Netherlands are a few 'news and entertainment shows' around diner time. 'Editie NL' or 'Dutch Edition' is one of them. They came to me on Friday 21th January for a short interview on super8 film making in this digital age. The reporter was very enthousiastic and made some shots with my Canon 1014xl-s camera and he wants to use the Ektachrome 100D results in the final edit. So if you can view RTL4 television Wednesday 26th or Thursday 27th January at 18.15 hours the show starts! You would also have to understand Dutch language. Click the image for a large version, on the left reporter Michiel Sampon and on the right side cameraman Oleg.
[22 January 2011]
Volkskrant Digital is boring!
Dutch Newspaper 'de Volkskrant' published a major article on super8 today. You can view it online, but reading Dutch language is neccesary. The story is about different film makers that still/use super8 film as their medium. During the upcoming International Film Festival Rotterdam you can view some projects on super8 (see also previous news item). It's good that there is more attention for the super8 film format. I'm asking to publish the article as PDF file on my site. Or maybe also as tekst file so you can use a translation website.
[22 January 2011]
Dwaynes Kodachrome news
*Read an article about Dwayne's in the NYT.
*Kodak made a tribute page on Kodachrome.
*Here a link to an article about Dwayne's from the BBC.
*Here info's on the film project by Johan Krame 'Bye Bye Super8'. He made it on 'the last Kodachrome' super8 films. The project is presented at the IFFR2011 in Rotterdam. He could better have named it 'Bye Bye Kodachrome' since one might think there's no more super8 available, but we all know there's more choice than ever before
*Also interesting to read is howto develop Kodachrome as black and white film. On that page you'll find a lot of details but my experience is that you will need a lot of patience to get a viewable result. I tried many different methods without good results because every time the emulsion falls from the base.
Thanks to Onno, Frank and Richard for part of the links.
[04 January 2011]

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