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Dwaynes Kodachrome t-shirt at Dwaynes
Sad but also funny this Kodachrome t-shirt Dwayne's is selling at this moment. Don't forget they need you're Kodachrome before 30th December 2010.
[20 December 2010]
Schmalfilm Schmalfilm magazine did mega transfer test
In the upcomming Schmalfilm issue nr. 6-2010 you can read the results of a massive super8 to DVD transfer test they have done. This lab that co-operates with Cineco B.V. will not be listed as far as I know. Too bad since we're curious about what they would have to say.
[07 December 2010]
lab news New Year 2010-2011
Because of Christmas and New Years day the lab will be closed from Friday 24th December 2010 until Tuesday 4th January 2011. Happy New Year!
Vanwege de Kerst en Nieuwjaars dagen zal het lab van vrijdag 24 december 2010 tot en met dinsdag 4 januari 2011 gesloten zijn. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!
Wegen das Weihnachtsfest und Neuen Jahr wird das Labor von Freitag 24 Dezember 2010 bis Dienstag 4 Januar 2011 geschlossen sein. Frohe Weihnachten und Neues Jahr!
[06 December 2010]
lab news E-mail
We have made adjustments on our e-mail server because the amount of spamm was becomming more and more. You can reach the lab only via: post at super eight dot nl. And if you want to make a PayPal payment the address is: paypal at super eight dot nl.
Or -to make it easier to understand- nothing changed for you :-) But from now on if you did not get an answer via e-mail after 2-3 workdays please contact the lab again via mail or phone to check if we did get your first request. Thanks.
[23 November 2010]
Friedemann Wachsmuth

Super8 Notch Ruler improved
Mr. Friedemann Wachsmuth on the picure made a new an improved Super8 Notch Ruler.
'Which film speed is that Super-8 cartridge notched for? Is that Tungsten or Daylight stock? Which ASA values can my camera read correctly and does it move the Wratten filter out automatically when daylight stock is used? Since more than 30 kinds of Super-8 film are available today, most made in small batches, these questions are more pressing than ever before. The "Notch Ruler" that has been around for a while has some flaws, simplifies too much and thus leads easily to incorrect results. This is why I made two new, simple tools to clarify a confusing topic once and for all. Find out all about your favorite film stock now and understand how your camera is interpreting its notch code
A brilliant and very good new ruler, thank you Mr. Wahsmuth. Click on the image to go to the website and download the ruler yourself.
[11 November 2010].

steenbeck Hurry up with processing Kodachrome
Time is running out. Get all your Kodachrome films at Dwayne's Photo before 30th December noon. If you don't manage that you can't get Kodachrome processed in colour anymore. This is your last chance. Hury up. If you have a K25/K40 type super8, DS8, 16mm or 35mm Kodachrome film you can fill in this PDF form and send it together with your film to:
Dwayne's Photo
PO Box 274
415 S 32nd St.
Parsons KS 67357
Click on the image to view some Kodachrome stuff.
[11 November 2010].

Learn Ektachrome processing on 13th November in London
An intensive, hands on course that takes you through the Super 8 camera, stocks, shooting film, and hand processing. Examining cameras and their features, film stock, exposure, light meters and filters, participants shoot the new Ektachrome 100d super 8 stock and learn how to hand process this film using the Lomo developing tank. The course also looks at work made by artists using Super 8, focusing on its aesthetic qualities and flexibility of shooting, and ends with a screening of the films made on the course. You may wish to use your own cameras on this course, although does have some basic models. Please note that spaces for this workshop are limited to six only and are offered on a strictly first come, first serve basis.

[05 November 2010].


Do-it-yourself colour processing on the web
German magazine Schmalfilm will write a story about do-it-yourself super8 processing at home in their upcomming last years issue. My lab is supporting do-it-yourself film processing at home. It becomes much more fun using super8 if you can manipulate the look of your film with chemistry, but please be carefull. During the super8 workshop at the Shoot-Me Film Festival I also spoke about home processing! Watch a starters movie on YouTube.

[03 November 2010].


Sold out: Kodak 7265 Plus-X
This lab can not sell you Kodak Plus-X 7265 black/white films, these are sold out. I know other online companies must have Plus-X in stock so do search the web for this product.

[03 November 2010].

Vieze Fur De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - Sterrenstof
Dutch rap/rock/hiphop band 'de Jeugd van Tegenwoordig' has released their new album 'de Lachende Derde'. The new video for the first single called 'sterrenstof' has a music video that was shot partly on super8 Ektachrome film. This lab processed these films. When you click the image (one of the band members called 'Vieze Fur') you'll see the music video on Vimeo. Have fun, turn up the volume.
[29 October 2010].
HMD Home Movie Day 2010
The famous Home Movie Day will be held on several worldwide location in Australia, Canada, Finland, Belgium, Germany, USA and the Netherlands on 16 October 2010. The day is a tribute to the amateur film makers all around the world and the idea is that you can bring you're film to a location and screen it in front of collegue film makers and share thoughts. I estimate that the edition in Amsterdam will be the most gigantic of them all at the EYE-Filmmuseum.
[14 October 2010].


Fomapan cine films
We all know that Kodak is not the only manufactorer of black and white cine films, don't we.
Foma (Czech Republic) is making a very nice b/w emulsion too, specially if you look at the price. A Dutch company Kentmere Benelux has started an online sale for this type of 100ASA cine reversal films. Here more info. If you live in Amsterdam by any change you can also get them from Parallaxe. As you notive the lab is happy to forward you to these sale point as we don't sell the film itself (althou we can process it very well). [Click to enlarge].
[09 October 2010].


Shoot-Me festival Den Haag
'You probably know them well, those grainy bits of footage that immediately give you that nostalgic vibe: that's Super8-mm film. Super 8 was developed in 1965 and heralded as the new film format for home video. Of course we've all moved on since then, but festivals such the Flicker Festival Los Angeles and the Cambridge Super 8 Fest prove that the medium is still alive and well, and even growing in popularity. Interesting fact is that one of the world's few Super8 labs can be found in The Hague. All the more reason for SMFF to create a program about Super 8 for Cinecity The Hague! Super 8 is hardly used by amateurs nowadays, but is still used quite a bit by music video and independent film directors, and even by the mainstream movie world, where it is sometimes used for filming flashbacks, or to capture a certain vibe. Frank Bruinsma, of the Super8 Reversal Lab Nederland, is the Super 8 guru in The Hague. He'll give you a complete workshop on Super 8, explaining everything from filming to producing the end product. You will also get to see the 8mm-movie 'Licht' from Andre Schreuder, which was selected for the prestigious Quinzaine des Realisateurs in Cannes. Schreuder will also be present to talk about his film. We will show you a compilation of footage shown at the Flicker Festival and the Cambridge Super 8 Fest and Roy Rezaäli will tell you all about Chill'm Guerrilla, a movement that started in The Hague that aims to provide an alternative to the expensive Hollywood methods of filmmaking, and promotes the use of and interest for Super 8. Members of Chill'm Guerrilla have created two short movies especially for SMFF 2010.'
[07 October 2010].


Steenbeck photo's
As mentioned earlier on this news page Steenbeck introduced their new ST822 8mm/super8 editing table. If you click the logo you'll see some product photographs.
I guess you agree that these imgages show how beautifull this white editing table looks, and it would fit nicely next to my iMac :-) The lab is very curious who actually bought one of these machines. Download a PDF, and read more about it.
[05 October 2010].

eye logo

EYE collection seminar
On Thursday, 14 October, the Collection Dpt. of EYE-Filminstituut Nederland (formerly Nederlands Filmmuseum) organizes it's annual collection seminar. This one-day seminar for our peer group (film archivists, film scholars and students, etc.) is meant to reflect on and discuss issues, questions, and/or problems the institute’s archivists encounter in their work.
This year, our seminar will be devoted to home movies and other amateur film materials, in the morning sessions, we will reflect on the very existence of amateur films in a film archive.
In the afternoon sessions, another aspect of ‘displacement’ will be addressed: home movie making in a colonial setting.
Download a PDF, and participate. [Click for photo's on the EYE logo].
[04 October 2010].

Frank, Tracey and Greg

Filmrescue Canada visit's Den Haag
Friday afternoon 24th September the lab received an unexpected and nice visit from Tracey and Greg from Filmrescue. Tracy and Greg run this lab in Canada and process photography films and cine films
. Filmrescue is just as my lab a specialst in processing outdated cine films and we had a very nice chat about that during the afternoon! [Click to enlarge].
[27 September 2010].

iPhone App Filmfestival app for iPhone
The Dutch Filmfestival is starting this week and if you own an iPod or iPhone you can download the app that shows you the programm, news and locations about the festival. And it's all free of charge, that is if you can read Dutch :-).
Click the icon for more.
[20 September 2010].
Milaan's S8FF

Milano super8 film festival
MilanoCinema Association presents the 3rd SUPER8 FILM FESTIVAL 2010. An International contest and a two-day kermes dedicated to the world of the small film format
3rd Super8FilmFestival 2010 (S8FF)
Saturday 13 – Sunday 14 of November 2010
Teatro Santandrea, via Crema
MM P.ta Romana – Milan

[19 September 2010].


Nieuw super8 verkooppunt in Parijs
When Kodak closed their cash-and-carry desk in Paris, they also stopped retail sales of Super-8 film. We decided to become a reseller, in order to promote Super-8 filmmaking and to offer some of the discounts that Kodak had provided in the past.
47 rue du Couédic
75014 Paris France
Tel : +33-
Re:Voir is famous because they have a very large collection of experimental films of many artists on DVD for sale.

[19 September 2010].

the 8 fest

the 8 fest
The 8 fest exhibits all work on film. Works selected for the festival, therefore, must be finished on small-gauge film (8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm). We also exhibit blow-ups to 16mm of films that have been finished on small-gauge (or unsplit 8mm pieces). We do not exhibit projects on video or digital. More info

[19 September 2010].


Steenbeck introduces S8/8mm editing table
During the IBC in Amsterdam Steenbeck introduced a brandnew super8/8mm editing table, read this PDF file for more details.
[15 September 2010].

Paul Clipson

Paul Clipson + Machinefabriek
E*Cinema. The San Francisco-based artist Paul Clipson will show four Super8 movies that seems to have sprung from the subconscious. Clipson is known for his experimental (thin) films and installations, which he collaborates with musicians and sound artists, especially for EYE, he makes the show Lightmaze, a rhythmic, "hallucinating synthesis" of shots that make the dark life awake. Lightmaze is a live soundtrack performed by musician / composer Rutger aka Machinefabriek Zuydervelt.
21 Sept 21:30 EYE Vondelpark
[15 September 2010].

johan kramer twitter

Johan Kramer's Kodachrome project
On his twitter page I read this message; 'looking for 25 8-year old boys & girls for nice film portraits on the last 25 cartridges of Kodachrome 8mm film that I have, will be shown in January in Kunsthal, 12:34 AM Sep 11th via web.'
There is also a message in newspaper 'de Volkskrant' today; 'The child has to like to participate in the film... Please send an e-mail to and mention where you live, what are you're hobbies and write something about you're family.'
[14 September 2010].

dry film Scanning shrunken 8mm films in 2K
Jean-Pierre Sens from Amsterdam's SuperSens B.V. build himself an optical scanner -a kind of mini Oxberry- and it's working for over one month now. He built the data frame scanner to be able to transfer 'really bad, acid smelling (vinegar syndrome) and shrunken films' with it. Click here for more details and to view some examples. The scanner make a photo still of every frame of analogue film, so it doesn't use video recording. The additional benefit was that also new shot material on super8 and 8mm looks much better (than SD), so there's more detail in film than one might expect :-)
(The lab is actually pretty sure that data transfers of small format films will be thé future and standard for telecine in the near future, 'video scanning as we know it' just isn't good enough in a time where everything becomes HD).
[20 August 2010].
8mmfestival International 8mm festival 21 August
The 8mm Festival is the unique international outdoor event in the old town of Kampen, which on a large square under tall trees a whole evening long just 8mm films are shown. It is an initiative of three enthusiastic 8mm film makers, who at their own risk and cost organize this show. It is therefore a no-budget festival in which everyone can participate. Admission is free. So send something in and get involved! All contributors can win 'The Forgotten Lens Cap'! Need more information? Mail us:
date: August 21, 2010
The festival is no longer in the courtyard but the parking lot next to Ukien Korteweg 4, 8261 DC Kampen
In bad weather the festival inside.
[17 August 2010]
lab news Summer holiday
The lab will be closed from Friday 23rd July until Sunday 8th August because of a summer holiday.
Sommer Ferien
Das Labor wird von Freitag 23 Juli bis Sonntag 8 August geschlossen sein wegen Sommer Ferien.
[12 July 2010]
Super8 Symphony by CaneCapovolto
This one speak for itself; 'Here's a little present for you. A symphony made with different s-8 camera motors noises. Ciao, Alessandro A._canecapovolto'. Play it load over you're home speakers for a maximum effect! Sounds great, thanks Alessandro!
[01 July 2010]


Single8 films
A new batch of single8 films arrived in the lab this week. So far the good news :-) because the prices have increased unfortunatly, also because of the strong Japanese Yen.

Fuji Fujichrome RT200N colour, Exposure Index 200ASA
pijlExcluding processing € 22.95 [each cartridge excl. VAT]

Fuji Fujichrome R25N colour, Exposure Index 25ASA
pijlExcluding processing € 18.85 [each cartridge excl. VAT]

Fuji Velvia 50D colour, Exposure Index 50ASA
pijlExcluding processing € 18.85 [each cartridge excl. VAT]
pijlIncluding processing € 28.45 [each cartridge excl. VAT]

Fuji Velvia T64 professional colour, Exposure Index 64ASA (new)
pijlExcluding processing
€ 18.85 [each cartridge excl. BTW]
pijlIncluding processing € 28.45 [each cartridge excl. VAT]

Fuji Retro-X black/white, Exposure Index 200ASA
pijlExcluding processing € 17.00 [each cartridge excl. VAT]
pijlIncluding processing € 26.60 [each cartridgeexcl. VAT]

The types R25N and RT200N should be send to Retro8 in Japan to be processed. All other films are processed by this lab in Den Haag. [click to enlarge].
[29 June 2010].

iPhone App Kodak Cinema Tools for iPhone
If you have an iPod or iPhone you really should download this app from Kodak. With this Cinema Tools App you have a dictionary and a calculator in you're hands. Calculate various film lenghts by different frame rates. Very practicall. Click on the image for more info.
[25 June 2010].

Celluloid and nothing else than
Until 29th August 2010 you can visit a very interesting exhibition about the celluloid film material in Frankfurt, Germany. In the Shirn-Kunsthalle only image matters! This show has a subtitle 'film making without a camera' and it shows how artists have experimented from the beginning of the film to make movies without the use of a camera. What they did use was pencils to draw straight onto the film, or paint, or charcoal, or printing techniques and many other simple ways just to create images, and nothing else than images. Everybody who has warm feelings for the abstract film making is almost obligated to visit Frankfurt before the 29th of August. You can view a trailer here and click the image to visit the exhibitions
[19 June 2010].

filmlab juni 2010

Saturday 12th June a Filmlab screening!
What's 'Filmlab'?
A film screening with short films: documentary, features, experimental, abstract… recent work, old work... no theme, the choice for the program is made on the very objective "filmlab/impressive/unknown” criteria. We never change these. The tradition is that we never announce the program up front. For those who are curious… We've got a world première, abstract spectacle, on the opposite we show subtle visual pleasure, an unknown classic, new talent and more… makes you go crazy? You better!!
Saturday 12 June, 20:30 hours (open's at 20:00 hours)
entrance €5,00

Where it is:
Stichting Ruimtevaart/Super B
Loosduinsekade 9
2571 AA Den Haag

Programm by: Nico Bunnik, André Bijma and Frank Bruinsma
[click to enlarge].
[09 Juni 2010].


Just arrived; the new Kodak Ektachrome 100D type 7285 super8 film
This morning the new super8 film has been deliverd by the lab: Kodak Ektachrome 100D type 7285. This is a 100ASA daylight balanced film. So when you are shooting outside you don't use any filter (which often means that you have to set the camera to 'lamp' sign) while indoors you should put a 80A or 80B filter in front of the lens. Is seems all complicated but it's as simple as riding a bike.

The price for the new Ektachrome 100D type 7285 cartridge is exactly the same as the Ektachrome 64T type 7280, the film that has been discontinued.

Excluding processing € 12.20 [each, excl V.A.T.]
Including processing € 22.10 [each, excl V.A.T.]

And as if it has been calculated by Kodak this processing lab has sold out all Ektachrome 64T, so from today on the lab can only sell 100D Ekta. [Click to enlarge].
[20 May 2010].

10 year LAB

10 years LAB!
The Super8 Reversal Lab celebrates it's 10 years aniversary this month because
April 2000 was the last time that I've worked in paid employment. Since that day I spend all my time working for the super8 laboratory. To be honest I did not expect that my lab would survive for such a long time, and therefore I am so happy with the loyalty of my clients among which are film makers, individuals, artists, principals, students, collectors, amateurs, archives, and companies. This is also a moment to thank everybody who contributed in any way to the success of this lab, again thanks to all!
As most of you know I do my "work" with great dedication and love for the celluloid, and it is my intention to keep on going for a few decades more.
[17 May 2010].

cannes Light by André Schreuders in Cannes
Now during The Director's Fortnight in Cannes you can view the film Light by André Schreuders. This 15 minute film was shot on Fuji Velvia 50ASA daylight super8 film, Karel Doing was responsible for the beautifull camera work and the S8RL has processed all cartridges. The 2K HD scanning was done by Daan Müller of HomeDVD. The editing was done by André and when he finished Cineco made a 35mm film copy of it (a so called film recording) so you are watching a celluliod print, not a video projection. Reasons enough for you to see this film when you're in Cannes at this moment. Click the image for more info. It's probably the first time that my lab's name will flash on a big screen in Cannes :-)
[14 May 2010].
Kimmo Super8 clip
Click on the small image to view the video 'Joku saa tietää' from the Finnisch band Jätkäjätkät by Kimmo Räsänen. Of course it was shot on super8, the processing was done by the S8RL and the telecine by Cineco. Kimmo mentioned that he had so much good material left after the edit that he might edit a second music video! I have no idea what the music is about but it does feel like sunshine.
[13 May 2010].
Robert Todd Workshop @ Filmwerkplaats
From Tuesday 8 till Friday 11 June 2010 Worm.filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam organizes a do-it-yourself 16mm film workshop by Robert Todd (Boston, USA): The "phenomenological hunting apparatus". Click image to view his website. Workshop information and registration:
WORM.filmwerkplaats / Esther Urlus
T: 06 23396983
[12 May 2010].
sjoerd Super8 clip
Click on the small image to view the video 'Singlenight' from the band Super 88 by Sjoerd Linders. Shot on the super8 film format, processed and scanned by the S8RL. According to Sjoerd this video was; 'Made with a lot of time, effort, enthousiasm, luck, bad luck, camera damage, coldness, friends, surprise-dance-volumes, snow, heath, dizzyness, rain, escalators, lipsync, a fly, a monkey, stroopwafels, a sax solo and a hell lot of stairs to climb.'Please enjoy it and don't forget to turn op the volume.
[30 April 2010].
lab news Public holiday's
The Super8 Reversal Lab will be closed on the following public holidays; Queens Day 30 April, National Remembrance Day 4 May, National Liberationday 5 May and Ascensionday 13 May.
[30 April 2010].
End of life End of life for Plus-X
When speaking with kodak they announced an other sad thing; Plus-X black/white reversal is being stopped! (Please be aware that Tri-X will stay).
[30 april 2010].
End of life End of life for Ektachrome 64T
Some super8 makers are wide awake since they wrote the lab that Ektachrome 64T is being replaced by Ektachrome 100D by Kodak. So we called Kodak and they confirm this news. The new emulsion 100D is not available at this moment and 64T is still available as long as supplies last. The lab has positive experience with 100D that is made by Wittner Cinetec. But it is still a disapointment that 64T (an old emulsion by the way) is being cancelled. As we all know things that are gone most often never return. And we already had to say goodbye to 40T this year. On YouTube Kodak put a small video about the use of 100D.
[09 April 2010].
Impossible Project

The Impossible Project
Making the impossible possible by producing fresh new Polaroid films at the old factory in Enschede (NL) and then start selling them from today on, that's the Impossible Project! And because Polaroid is such a brilliant photo system there shoud be images on the website from the factory. That's were super8 film can be of use because you could almost say that polaroid and super8 film are family. Please click the small image to view three short super8 films from the factory plant that were processed and scanned at this lab. Finally get out you Polaroid SX70 and start to shoot again, it's possible.

[25 March 2010].

ro theater logo

Trailer 'Poeskafee' - Ro Theater
Film maker Floris van der Lee made this very attractive trailer for the Dutch Ro Theater. The first scene's are shot on Vision 500T stock and were processed and scanned by this lab. They used our Beaulieu 7008 pro to shoot the nice looking pictures. C
lick the image to enter the youtube site.
[10 March 2010].

Wittner 40T SOLD OUT WittnerChrome 40T SOLD OUT
To bad; SOLD OUT and no more available. The manufactorer has no more stock.
Do not forget to get you're Kodachrome films processed before December 2010. Dwayne's has announced they will stop processing by then. You can fill in this PDF form and send it together with your film to:
Dwayne's Photo
PO Box 274
415 S 32nd St.
Parsons KS 67357
Or read the more info via:

[08 March 2010].
foam_lab logo

Take a look at a very nice and beautifull viral made by Willem Aerts who also works at Foam_Lab (Photography Museum Amstedam)
. The Foam_Lab will organize a LOMO day on 5th March. I asume that everybody knows what this kind of photography means and then you understand why they made a viral on the super8 format?! Check it out and enjoy the use of super8 at it's hottest. The film was shot with the lab's Canon 1014xl-s camera, the stock was Tri-X and Ektachrome 64T, processed and scanned here. Click the image for the youtube site.
[04 March 2010].

Volkskrant Filmcommissioner for Den Haag
Good news for the people in Den Haag today who like movies. The city Den Haag will install a filmcommissioner who will make the city more attractive for film makers. In the near future it should be more easier and afforable to shoot a film in our beautifull city! As you know the lab is located in Den Haag :-) If you can read Dutch please click the small image to read the full article that was in the Volkskrant today.
[19 February 2010].
ftp clients

From now on if you ask for a telecine of you're film to DVD, miniDV or DVcam you can ask for a free FTP download. Video editing studio André Bijma and sound studio debun Studio from Nico Bunnik share their FTP server with the lab.
In the end you will receive you're DVD or video tape at home but in the mean time you can download you're video files as data files (.mov or .avi) from the FTP server. This can save you time. This service is free of charge and I can not give extended support on it. It's for those film makers who do not own a DVcam player for capturing but do know how to deal with computers. Finally I want to emphasize that the best SD telecine is done to DVcam tapes because they are proven to last a long time. [Update November 2012, service has been cancelled].
[09 February 2010].

iffr logo

Filmfestival Rotterdam
Today the International Filmfestival Rotterdam is going to start.
It's not a secret that they have a great love for short films! This year you can enjoy a film made by Arianne Olthaar, she's the lab's neighbour by the way. Her film 'Restauratiewagens' is originally shot on super8 and optically blown-up to 35mm film by my friend and collegue Jan Scholten. You'll be amazed by the results!
[27 Januar 2010].

eye logo

Eye film institute Netherlands
ye is the new institute for film in the Netherlands it unites the Filmbank, Holland Film, the Nederlands Instituut voor Filmeducatie and the Filmmuseum in one organization, under one name. Eye combines an extensive, world-famous film collection with valuable expertise in restoration and research and with educational programmes and international promotion. Eye promotes film culture, debate, reflection and innovation through research and experimentation.
[26 Januar 2010].


Pro 8 Data Framescanner Müller HM73
Since for about a week it is possible to order the new HM73 frame scanner from Daan Müller via the website (it has no relation with the USA company Pro8). This machine was build after many years of testing.
Mister Müller has succeeded to build an affordable frame scanner that can deliver high quality images. The HM73 works on a resolution of minimal 1K, it is possible to change the camera and get even 2K or 4K. The frame scanner is remarkable because it doesn't use a video camera to capture the images in real time (with all it's cons). In stead it comes with a Pike industrial camera, the images are flashed separate and recorded as single frames. The frames are turned into a video sequence afterwards. Second thing to notice is that a laser is being used to keep the film steady, so no need to use sprockets or a claw. It can handle all formats up to 16mm (8mm, S8, 9½, 16mm en S16mm). Please check out the data on the companies website here.
[18 Januar 2010].

toptop homehome