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Logo ULTRA ULTRA in da house
Many months ago the studio's at Hoge Zand were expanded with ULTRA Produktions, a multi media produktion from Den Haag. It's a co-operation of five creative minds with each his own speciality. ULTRA focusses on making virals, short films, animations and motion graphics for the internet, television and new media. ULTRA Produktions are Gonzalo Fernandez, Patrick Simons, Detlef Villerius, Jasper Masthoff and Bas Tiemes
. Their website is in Dutch language only, but you know that moving images speak for themselves.
[24 December 2009].

Visit to Norsk Smalfilm AS
In the weekend of 21-22 November 2009 I visited Andreas Widerøe of the Norsk Smalfilm AS in Kristiansand, Norway .If you click the image you'll see a large portrait picture that was taken after a long day's of work :-) On you're left we have Andreas and on the right side is Frank. We spoke a lot about film techniques, the super8 world in general, the future of our individual businesses, the internet en mostly of the used super8 telecine equipment that is used nowadays by many professional companies. During the comfortable and nice weekend we made a telecine with the Bosch FDL60 from Andreas. We scanned a super8 Wittnerchrome 40T that I also got transferred by several other companies. With this comparison I wanted to find out, or at least learn more about, where the differences are when you get your super8 film scanned. How big will you're (video) files become, what are the sizes of still images in pixels, how big is the influence of the type of telecine machine that is being used and how about the details that one can get out of the original film. The analyse that we could make in that weekend turned out to be very useful for the both of us. All companies that joined in this test received each others results so they could make up their own minds. Now they know more about their own quality compared to that of others. If you want to view results you are welcome in my lab. These images will be kept in house because it was never the intention to make them public. I would advise you to make you're own comparison because it's definitely worth it.
[21 December 2009].

First Nizo model

Nizo camera's in London's Design Museum
Until 7 March 2010 you can visit a large exhibition in London's Design Museum about Dieter Rams. The famous desinger was for more than 40 years head of Braun's design department and he is responsible for the way our Nizo super8 camera look. His design ethos 'less is more' has given us probably the most 'beautifull' super8 camera's ever. Many are influenced by him like Jonathan Ive who works for Apple. Click the image to view a wooden model of a Nizo. Time to visit London.
[19 December 2009].

beijing Experimental film in Beijing
Just get inspired by reading this article from Beijing, China.
Click image.
[30 november 2009].
rencontres Rencontres Internationales 2009
From November 30 to December 9, the Rencontres Internationales will create during 10 days a space for discovery and analysis around new cinema and contemporary art, at the Centre Pompidou, the Jeu de Paume, the Châtelet Theatre, and the Cinéma Reflet Médicis.

[28 november 2009].
kilimanjaro ensenble The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensenble
Here you can view a clip of TKDE. They were formed in 2000 as a project to compose new music for existing silent movies. Jason Köhnen and Gideon Kiers, both graduates of the Utrecht School of Arts, combined their audio and visual skills to reinterpret classic movies by F.W. Murnau (Nosferatu) and F. Langs (Metropolis).

This clip on the Vimeo website has been shot on super8 that was processed by the lab and scanned by Cineco.
[23 November 2009].
soccershowdown Soccer Showdown
One Dutch internet TV channel is called '' and there you can view shows or tv program's that are not broadcasted on the regular home channels. Reinier Bruins made a marvellous series under the name 'Soccer Showdown'. (He also made
this). Just click on the image to view all the video's online and you'll know whay I am enthusiastic. Or click here to view one episode in higher quality. Super8 has again proved it's wide use and added style quality. Thank you Reinier!
[22 November 2009].
kodachrome Procssing news Kodachrome
Many of you allready know this but the lab thinks it can't be told enough times; Dwayne's Photo announced that they will continue to process Kodachrome untill December 2010. What will happen after this we don't know. Our advice is not to take any risk and get you films (all of them, this also means your WittnerChrome 40T) processed much before the end of 2010.
The last 2 WittnerChrome 40T I exposed myself in september 2009 was processed by Dwayne's and, to be honest, I was not happy with the results. The colours are really nothing comparred by the quality of the lab in Switzerland.
By the way, a few months ago Dwayne's increase the price for one super8 film from $10,00 to $12,00.
[22 November 2009].
The need and desire for a web site dedicated to these artists whose craft, according to us, removes cinema from the grip of the industry and places it instead in the hands of the artists. The new website gives a presentation of the different labs, there are already more than twenty and the list might just keep growing. These presentations give an idea of how each structure functions and provide a link to each labs individual site.
[20 November 2009].

norsk smalfilm Norsk Smalfilm AS
The lab will visit Andreas Widerøe of the Norsk Smalfilm AS in Kristiansand, Norway. Therefore you can not reach the lab from Friday 20 untill Monday 23 November 2009. Click image to see more.
[19 November 2009].
milan filmfestival Super8 filmfestival Milan Italy
This weekend on 24th and 25th October 2009 there will be a large super8filmfestival in Milan Italy. The Super8 Lab has been invited and will participate on Sunday's afternoon forum discussion on topic 'the present and future state of S/8 film'.
It prommises to be an interesting talk because the forum members are international and are for example Dagie Brundert (S/8 filmmaker), Thierry Bonnaut (Co-organizer of Cambridge Int’l S/8 Film Festival), Juergen Lossau (Editor in Chief, “Schmallformat”) en Phil Vigeant (Chairman PRO 8). I am really looking forward to chat about the super8 topic before, during and after the forum discussion!
Nuovo Auditorium
via Valvassori Peroni 56
MM/FS Lambrate (500mt)
The Super8FF has made the most beautifull festival poster of 2009 if you ask me, click the image on the left.
[21 October 2009].
machine Die automatische Schmalfilmentwicklungsmaschine
I found this website on the web. A fantastic story, make sure you view the video on the second page! I think it is amazing that this young man made his own processing machine!
[30 July 2009].

Crystal Sync Conversion for Canon Scoopic
A newly designed crystal sync conversion for Canon Scoopic will be offered soon. See the company's web site for more information. K-XTS is a small sized electronic device which takes care on running the camera at accurate speed. It is so small that it can be installed inside the camera, and it does not require external batteries to operate. The frame rates are 23.98, 24, and 25 fps.

Do you have a Canon Scoopic camera? Drop an email info @ if you like to become a beta tester. The conversion will be offered for a beta tester for a very low price.
[02 July 2009].

lab info Fuji single8 films
The price for processing one R25N or one RT200N single8 films has changed to 2500 Yen (about Euro 18). According to Retro8 this is caused by higher oil prices and higher prices for raw materials of chemistry companies. A third reason is definitly the exchange rate of Euro's and USA Dollars into strong Japanes Yen.
More positive news comes also from Retro8 because they can offer the famous sound stripe service again, the price will be 3000 Yen. (All prices are excluding the sending cost). More about Fuji single8 films can be read here.
[30 June 2009].
Kim Hoorweg Kim Hoorweg music video
On this page you can view the latest music video of our Dutch artist Kim Hoorweg, part of it in super8 of course!
[19 May 2009].
lab info Summer holiday
The lab will have a summer holliday from 6 June untill 28 June 2009.
[10 May 2009].
claudia_daniel Impressive travel report
Claudia and Daniel Wittner from the well known company Wittner-Cinetec, Hamburg Germany have written a marvolous travel report about their trip to the super8 Kodak factory in Windsow USA. Read the German version here. Or read it in English. Every super8 film maker should read it, it has also great images! Thank you family Wittner.
[27 April 2009].
notches Super8 notch
Some articles on the wikipedia are very usefull like this one. It's a super8 notch ruler checker so that you can check you're model if it can auto expose all types of super8 or not :-) Of course Kodak also has info about the cartridge notches.
[17 March 2009].
Wouter Hamel Wouter Hamel music video
On this page you can view the latest music video of our Dutch artist Wouter Hamel, part of it in super8 of course!
[16 March 2009].
how film is made

How film Is Made (2)
The film has been translated and subtitled by the APUG group.
Here you read info about the tanslation.
Here you read the discusion about the film (interesting!).
Here you can view it from source 1.
Here you can view it from source 2.
Thank you Marco Boeringa and friends of APUG.
Click this page to view the 18 minute film in Dutch language.
[02 March 2009].

Paul Hanssen Video
On the next page you can enjoy a video made by Dutch film maker Paul Hanssen. The original footage was shot on Tri-X super8 that was processed by this laboratory.
[24 February 2009].

This website is about the screening of digital cinema and not the making of celluloid films. Almost every cinema will have a digital projector sooner or later. Dutch cinema professionals are looking for guidance in the upcoming choices that they have to make with the digital cinema roll out. Cineserver provides exactly that and has become the reference website for a broad range of cinema professionals. It has the latest digital cinema news, a list of all digital cinemas and available digital films in The Netherlands, answers to questions and explanations of digital terminology, a clear presentation of all available digital cinema products and much more.
With the upcoming Full High Definition scanning possibilities of super8 film this is an interesting website to keep in mind.
[01 February 2009].

how film is made

How film Is Made (1)
The lab got a very nice present, a 16mm colour film titled; 'How film is made'
. It shows how a black/white still photo film is made from the beginning to the end. You get a very good idea how even today our cine films are also produced! Don't forget the film is dated 1958. Click this page to view the 18 minute film, in Dutch language and full colour. (Depending on your internet connection it might take some time to load.) Many thanks to Ton, Rene, Andre, Nico and Erwin!
[30 January 2009].

lab info Hello The Hague
The new lab is open in The Hague. I have to run tests to make sure all processing values are okay, but in general speaking all is well. I would like to say many thanks to my friends, family and the one I love the most for all their help and support!
[06 January 2009].
kodachrome processing Kodachrome
Still many costumers ask the lab where and how to get Kodachrome films processed. This complicated and very poluting process is only done by Dwayne's Photo in the USA. They are the only one that offer the K14 process in the whole world. If you have a K25/K40 type super8, DS8, 16mm or 35mm Kodachrome film you can fill in this PDF form and send it together with your film to:
Dwayne's Photo
PO Box 274
415 S 32nd St.
Parsons KS 67357
Or read the more info via:
Read an article in the New York Times here
[01 January 2009].

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