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stencilflight Videoclip Stencilflight on super8
On the websiste of the Dutch band Stencilflight you can view their musicvideo shot entirely on super8. Director Bram Loogman and cameraman Jeroen van der Poel used the processing and scanning services from this lab.
[21 December 2008].
lab info Prices 2009
The prices for 2009 can be downloaded as PDF file on the download page or here.
[20 December 2008].

Small format magazine ends its run 2 (from the editor in chief)

smallformat Newsletter - last issue December 2008

Dear film enthusiast!
The last issue of smallformat magazine is out.
Smallformat ends its run.
I am not usually at a loss for words. Put me near the computer, and I always know how to start. That usually makes my work easy. Today is different. Today, I do not know what I should write at this point. The last issue of smallformat lies before you. In 2005, I came up with the idea of starting an international magazine for Super 8 and 16mm, along with other small gauge film formats. Since 2004, I had been producing a German version - the now 60-year-old schmalfilm - for Berlin publisher Fachverlag Schiele & Schön. Motivated by the immediate success of the content and layout in the German version following its re-launch, I imagined that it would also work internationally. There had to be a sufficient number of enthusiasts worldwide who were still interested in small format film.
With discriminating subjects and a refined look, we set about catching people who were enthusiastic about chemical film to become eager readers. Many were appropriately inspired, but - unfortunately - not enough. Not enough for this project to survive economically. Fachverlag Schiele & Schön did not even expect to earn money from us. But they didn't plan to lose money, either.
After three years of red ink, the only task that remains is for me to pass along my thanks. To publishers Karl-Michael Mehnert and Harald Rauh, who shared my belief that smallformat had a chance and filled a niche. To Anne-Kristin Rudorf and Eva Hernandez for their inspired layout ideas. To Linda Paesold and Jessyca Gross for taking good care of our advertisers. To Ingrid Bade for the laborious hours spent creating an international subscription database to handle the various payment options. To our knowledgeable contributors. To translator and contributing editor James Grahame for the cautiously translated texts and his own articles. To our advertisers. And to you, dear readers, for your loyalty.
Let's not beat around the bush - this is a permanent farewell. I am heavy hearted.

Jürgen Lossau, Editor of smallformat
[19 December 2008].

smalfilm SchmalFilm
Order the latest issue of German SchmalFilm directly from the publisher. Some
headlines in German:
*cover Annett Louisan Hamburger Popsängerin mit einer Beualieu 4008 -- abgelichtet von Starfotograf Jim Rakete
* klappe Wo Bleiben Die Geschichten? fragt Jürgen Lossau mit Blick auf die Tendenz, nur noch "Testfilme" zu drehen
* filmwelt NOMOS 2008 in Hamburg Wolfgang A. Nacken hat die Verleihung des 5. Internationalen NOMOS Schmalfilmpreises verfolgt
* filmwelt Ganz Schon Straight Jürgen Lossau war in Berlin, um sich eine Vorführung des britischen straight8 Filmfestivals anzuschauen
* filmriss Die Nachteule Wird Flugfahig Herbert Schmelzer baut die lichtstarke Canon 310 XL so um, dass sie mit dem Ektachrome 64T geladen werden kann
[19 December 2008].
new_lab Dear filmmakers. Send your films [registered is recommended] to this address:
Super8 Reversal Lab NL
Frank Bruinsma
Hoge Zand 30a
2512 EM
The Hague
The Netherlands
All other addresses are no longer valid.
[16 December 2008].


New Years time: Moving the Lab to Den Haag
After many evenings and weekends of work I can finally see the end is comming, or in other words 'the new Lab is almost finished' (click image). In the second week of December I will move my large super8 and 16mm printing machines and editing tables to Den Haag. In the weeks around Christmass and New Year I will move all small stuff. The Lab will re-open on 6th of January 2009. Please be aware that:
From 9-11 December I will not process as many films as usual.
From 20th December 2008 to 5th January 2009 the Lab will be closed.
Thank you for all positive comments and please come and visit the new clean space in Den Haag!
[18 November 2008].

small format Save Small format (from
In discussions with editor Juergen Lossau we've learn't that since the announcement of the magazine's demise, a number of people have expressed interest in taking out a subscription. would strongly urge anyone with a serious interest in Super 8mm and small gauge film to drop Juergen a line at stating that they'd take out a subscription should smallformat continue.
If enough people do this there's a chance that we might just keep the English version, of what is an essential publication, going. And remember, to quote eighties hair rockers Cinderella, [you] "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)".smallformat
[18 November 2008].
nlconfidential nlconfidential
Reinier Bruins/whateverman made a very special clip for NLconfidential, this is an event by Playboy. All used Kodak 7266 black/white super8 films have been processed by the super8 lab. Films have been scanned by Cineco. I think it looks fantastic (pay attention by the way he used a different format).
[12 November 2008].

International Photographica-fair
On November 9th, one of the biggest, if not THE largest (about 300 tables!) European fair of photographica (collector's cameras, cinema, pre-cinema, photographs, books about photography etc.) is being held for the 63rd time in the Euretco-building in Houten near Utrecht in the Netherlands. It is easily to reach by A27 (Antwerp-Amsterdam) then A12 exit Houten from where the route is signposted with 'expocenter euretco'.
Open from 9 AM to members (€ 1,50) and from 11 AM to non-members (€ 4,00). Check the organiser on the web.
[06 November 2008].

small format Small format magazine ends its run (from the editor in chief)
Berlin-based Fachverlag Schiele & Schön has decided to cease printing our magazine at the end of 2008, after three years of publication. small format -- the international journal for fans of Super 8, Single-8 and 16mm film -- was founded by editor-in-chief Jürgen Lossau in 2005. Unfortunately, the number of subscribers and advertisers in this difficult and shrinking market did not reach our expectations. Therefore, economic survival is not possible. The lack of financial support from the only remaining film manufacturer was also a deciding factor behind the publisher's decision.
(The Lab is very sorry that the magazine is disappearing after only 3 years, it was truly a good made and enthusiastic work).
[05 November 2008].
bwff Video to film
If you want to transfer your video to film you can visit the Back and White Film Factory in Ontario Canada. They offer a service for transferring video to small format film which by our knowledge only could be done at Retro8 in Japan (although the website is difficult to understand, so please send them a mail).
[16 October 2008].
IBC Full-High-Definition smalfilm scanners on de IBC 2008
Every year in September you can visit the International Broadcast Convention in the RAI in Amsterdam. The IBC is the major event where you can speak with all large vendors in our film and TV world. I have looked for companies that offer equipment for full high definition small format film scanning. The company from Berlin MWA-Nova who also makes the FlashScan8 did show one system in full HD, more technical details can be read in this PDF file . The Paris company CTM-Debrie showed two working systems in full HD (1920x1080). The Memory and HD Box machines will be offered complete which software and training. You can read more about it on their website. As far as I know there is no company in the Netherlands that works with one of these three systems, so if you have any news please tell the lab.
PS. The only full HD service scanning for super8 in the Netherlands is being offered by HomeDVD. They work with a system they build themselves and I can advise you to read their website because it is full with interesting info about the digital pro's and con's. The other option that I know of for HD scanning can be done at AVP in Munich Germany who uses Rank-Cintel machines.
[16 October 2008].
HMD Home Movie Day
There is a Home Movie day on 18 October 2008 in the Filmmuseum Amsterdam. Click here for the global event.
[12 October 2008].

Please click on the image to see a magnificent image (photo by Bert Teunissen). You can see this bus in Amsterdam for a few months time. Johan got this present from one of his enthusiastic costumers! Go Parallaxe GO!
[29 July 2008].

V50D WittnerChrome V50D super8 films
From today is WittnerChrome V50D available via this lab. This is a film that is made from Fuji Velvia 50 ASA Daylight filmstock (without filter). (Click image to enlarge).

Excluding processing € 20.50 [each, excl V.A.T.]
Including processing € 30.00 [each, excl V.A.T.]

Remember that you can use this film in ALL super8 camera's!
[28 July 2008].

40T WittnerChrome 40T super8 films
From today is WittnerChrome 40T available via this lab. This is a film that is made from Kodak Kodachrome 40 Tungsten film (without filter), yes you are reading this right: Kodachrome 40T is back.

Excluding processing € 20.50 [each, excl V.A.T.]

So be aware that you have to pay again for the processing. We advise all film makers to send this super8 40T straight to the USA. For Kodachrome films you can fill in this PDF form and send it together with your film to:
Dwayne's Photo
PO Box 274
415 S 32nd St.
Parsons KS 67357
Or read the more info via:

Remember that you can use this film in ALL super8 camera's. So we can enjoy Kodachrome again for a while, although the price is not the same as it used to be.
[28 July 2008].



The construction of the new lab is taking more time than I first thought it would. It's harder than I imagined, running a full time lab, and working in my free time on the construction of the new space. So the progress is going slowly. On the to-do-list for example: installing 11 Tube Lights, continue with painting, and the floor suddenly asked for more attention than I expected. Besides the nice finishing of the doka walls I also have warm and cold running water inside, which was a intense job to finish. To make a step forward I decided to spend more time in the new lab and don't process films in the week from 4 until 8 August. The Lab will send orders and answer all e-mails. Thank you for understanding.
[28 July 2008].

pro8mm_news Pro8mm widescreen modification (source pro8mm website)
The USA company Pro8mm has a new service, they can modify your Canon 1014xl-s super8 camera for the widescreen format! Read their website news: 'Announcing the Canon 1014-XLS MAX 8 Camera Modification: Give your Canon 1014-XLS a giant leap forward by having us convert it to MAX 8, a 16 x 9 widescreen format. This is the second super 8 camera we have introduced with a widened gate (Classic Professional MAX 8 in 2005) so that filmmakers can be HD ready. Widescreen images are essential for remaining competitive in a HD world, and shooting super8 in the modern 16 x 9 aspect ratio allows you to edit your super 8 images with other widescreen formats. The exposed film is then transferred on our custom modified widescreen gate, available on our M2 Scanner or Y Front Ursa Diamond Scanner, giving you 20% more image on the super8 frame. The Max 8 1014-XLS conversion includes gate modification, the adding of 16 x 9 framing lines to the viewfinder, removing the internal 85 filter which causes image degradation, increasing the take up torque so that the modern, thicker film stocks are less likely to jam, as well as re-calibration of the exposure system so that all Pro8mm film stocks will accurately read the exposure from 50-500 ASA. This complete modernization package is available for $995.00. We currently have some MAX8 1014 XLS' in rental only for $300 a day, or $250 with any all inclusive film package.'
Maybe this is a very nice option and the Super8 Reversal Lab is considering to get one 1014xl-s modified by Pro8mm...
[22 July 2008].
lab info Fuji single8 films
Just arrived: fresh single8 films. You can choose from these emulsions; Astia 100F, Retro-X, R25N and of course the RT200N. More information about Fuji single8 films can be read here.
[15 July 2008].

All major construction work goes pretty easy so far. After 3 weekends the rough building work of the lab is almost done.
[17 June 2008].


Steenbeck super8 editing table
Thanks to film maker Tobias Schmuecking the lab could get their hands on a nice Steenbeck super8 editing table. This machine needs a good maintenance job (in the new lab) but it's definitely worth the effort. The lab owns 2 other super8 editing tables but because of a weak light source and unstable images the lab doesn't use them.
[16 June 2008].


Construction started
Last week I have started to build the new Super8 Lab in my hometown Den Haag. The space is about 70m2 and situated on the first floor. The building houses artists only. I will build the lab in my free time with the help of friends. All normal activities will continue. The idea is that I will move the lab in August/September (details follow). If there is a delay in work I will inform every costumer about this in person. Check out the page for some fresh pictures.
[27 May 2008].

cine 8-16

Cine 8-16
Order this magazine directly from the publisher.
8mm * 9,5mm * 16mm
It doesn't matter if you screen films at home or make your own films..... Homecinema is simply the best if you use real perforated cine film! In service of this wonderfull, cultural and valuable hobby we set up our non-profit organisations; Arbeitsgemeinschaft Amateurfilm und Kino, die Arbeits- & Interessengemeinschaft Celluloidfilm and Cine 8-16, to create a magazine at production cost, for all friends of perforated films. Remember that you must be able to read German language.
[12 April 2008].

Flimmernacht Flimmernacht
Time to announce a super8 filmfestival, this one is called Flimmernacht. It is held in Germany. These are the ingredients; you take 1 super8 cartridge, 1 super8 camera and make 1 film that has been edited inside the camera. You send it back to the festival and they get it processed (I know I have seen this somewhere else?). Once that has been done they ask a musician or soud designer to finish the super8 into something fantastic! At the end you will be at your own film premiere without knowing if it would be worth it! Like to join? Click the image to visit the (German) website! Please do!
[12 April 2008].
Waghausel Filmfair in Waghausel Germany
Finally there will be a new filmfair in Waghausel Germany this weekend. It's maybe the lagest filmfair for amateur filmmakers and collectors in Europe. On 5th April 2008 from 10 to 16.00 hours you can find a buy second hand camera's, projectors, splicers, lightbulbs, leaderfilms, found-footage and of course a lot of chatting with collegue collectors and filmlovers. If it was really worth driving more than 1000 Km for from Rotterdam I know when I get back, because I'll be there as well :-) Here you can find the German website of the organiser for a little more info and a map where to find it.
[01 April 2008].
lab info Lab's holidays
The lab will be closed because of vacation from 22nd April until 5th May 2008.
[01 April 2008].

Fuji tape at Parallaxe
Are you looking for these Fuji tapes for your splicer? Stop searching because Parallaxe in Amsterdam has them for you. Go here to their website to make an order. (click on the image for a larger one).
[01 April 2008].

Super8 Today

Super8 Today Magazine
Order the latest issue of Super8 Today directly from the publisher.
Some of the headlines:
*The Passion of the Filmmaker - The greatest filmmaker in the world has never shot a single frame of film. What it takes to be one of the few — in your heart and mind.
*Super-8 in the Snow - Filming in the winter and especially with snow on the ground requires some different techniques and planning for proper exposure and realistic looking footage.
*Top of the Line Cameras: The Leitz Leicina Special - The second of a four-part series highlighting the best performing Super-8 cameras in all of Super-8 history.

[01 April 2008].


Light bulbs at Parallaxe
Are you looking for light bulbs for your super8 or 16mm film projector, slide projector or viewer? Stop searching because Parallaxe in Amsterdam has them for you. Go here to their website to make an order. (click on the image for a large image of a Sylvana lamp packaging).
[01 April 2008].

Small Format

Order the latest issue of Small Format directly from the publisher.
Some of the headlines:
*test The low light specialist. Ronald Vedrilla is shooting with Kodak's modern Tri-X 7266 black & white reversal film
*single-8 Married to the ZC1000. Ignacio Benedeti loves this one and only Single-8 system movie camera
*time lapse Projectors on paper. Claus Kroenke reveals secret Super 8 designs from the small gauge film industry
[01 April 2008].

Schmal Film

Order the latest issue of German SchmalFilm directly from the publisher. Some
*60 Jahre und kein bisschen leise - Eine kommentoerte zitatencollage aus dem Schmalfilm
*Auf der spuren der tonspur - Vom stummen zum tonenden film
*Sieger und verlieren - 100 Firmen im test: Super8 auf DVD
[01 April 2008].

lab info Telecine prices changed
The prices for the telecine of super8 films (scanning) are changed a little.
[28 March 2008].

We are pleased to announce the world premiere of our new film GETIJDEN on the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Our film is nominated for the Prix UIP Award, and will have four (!) screenings. Click image to enlarge. Please be welcome to attend one of them:

do 24 jan 16.45 Lantaren 1
vr 25 jan 10.30 Pathé 7
wo 30 jan 22.15 Cinerama 7
vr 1 feb 17.15 Lantaren 2

Doing Film & Pimpanella
[15 January 2008]

Note from the lab: this film has been shot on super8 (partly Cinevia) and 16mm film that has been processed and scanned by the lab.


Starting from Scratch : hand processing film / lab collectives

presented in collaboration with WORM.filmwerkplaats

26th jan. 2007 – 1st feb. 2008 International Film Festival Rotterdam

The 6th edition of Starting from Scratch is coming up!
The special program of the International Film Festival Rotterdam focuses on labs, collectives and handprocessing films with an artist in residence program, performances, workshops, installations, a collective film project and lots and lots of films.

The programme will be held in Lantaren/Venster and WORM. After two years of successful cooperation in the field with the Starting from
Scratch workshop, this year WORM will be a fully fledged festival location for the first time.

WORM filmwerkplaats – Rotterdam (host)
Atelier MTK – Grenoble, France
Ad Libitum – Cras, France
LABO – Brussels, Belgium
Sector 16 – Hannover, Germany – London, UK
L’Abominable – Paris, France
Burstscratch – Strasbourg, France
Atelier Libusin – Libusin, Czech Republic
Niagara Customs Lab – Toronto, Canada
Filmfarm – Mount Forest, Canada
Space Cell – Seoul, South Korea
LIC / MVD – Montevideo, Uruguay

Meet and greet on Sat. 26th jan. at LabLunch in WORM

Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine, La Foxe (Atelier MTK), Destra o
Sinistra (LABO), Le Point Aveugle (Burstscratch), John Price +
Machinefabriek, De un Vastimo Mar (LIC / MVD), Paradiso Stills – Stil
Levens (Jaap Pieters + LYSN), The Wooden Lightbox (Alex MacKenzie),
Cucinema di Genzano, Super 8 Game Arcade (Mobileskino)

‘Scratching from Start’ opening party Sat. 26th jan. at WORM. 100% analog evening with Daniel Menche, Eniless + Gruesome Twosome, DJ
Sticky Glue and a loop bar.

New films by Charlotte Pryce, Tomonari Nishikawa, Olivier Fouchard, Pip Chodrov, Esther Urlus, Peter Beyer, Olivier Dutel, James Schneider, Daichi Saito, Francien van Everdingen, Daan de Bakker, Amanda Dawn Christie, Ben Rivers, Yo Ota, Jun’ichi Okuyama and many others
+ Niagara Custom Lab program curated by Sebastjan Henrickson, Filmfarm program curated by Philip Hoffman, and Japanese 8mm kick-ass
curated by Ken Okubo

Workshop by Metamkine
The French live performance pioneers of Metamkine will hold a 3 day workshop focusing on live presentation of 16mm film and working with
sound. Christophe Auger and Xavier Querel are masters of exploring multiple projection possibilities while Jerome Noetinger investigates
electro-acoustic environments. The WORM.filmwerkplaats / filmlab and CEM soundstudio belong to their area of work. The results will be
presented live in WORM on Tue. 29th jan. More information:

Portraits: the Starting from Scratch collective film
Point of departure is a series of directors’ portraits shot at the festival (on 16mm) that will be developed, processed and edited in
the laboratory of the WORM.filmwerkplaats. A project that will enable each of the filmmakers to communicate his own technique / signature
in a practical and active way to the other filmmakers using different film stocks and relevant applications. The results will be presented
in suitable surroundings during the festival. The project will be realised in collaboration with artist / cameraman Ben Rivers and artist / WORM.filmwerkplaats regular Pim Zwier.

Starting from Scratch / WORM.filmwerkplaats residency
For many film makers (especially outside Europe) a lack of facilities means they cannot make the films they really have in mind. The
Starting from Scratch artist-in-residence programme wants to support film makers to realise and present the projects they dream of
filming. Three film makers have been invited (Anuradha Chandra, Masha Godovannaya and Amanda Dawn Christie) in order to spend a month in Rotterdam making use of the unique facilities and with the expert assistance of the WORM.filmwerkplaats. The results will be presented
during the festival.

We hope to see you in Rotterdam

Erwin van ‘t Hart
Esther Urlus
WORM.filmwerkplaats * Achterhaven 148 * 3024 RC Rotterdam * +31 (0)10
4762290 * * *
[28 December 2007]

lab news Things to do in 2008
First I would like to say a special thanks to all my costumers in the past year(s). 2008 will bring new fresh energy. If all goes well the lab will be moving from Rotterdam back to Den Haag somewhere around April/May 2008. This is also the city where I personally live. I can get a beautiful new lab space in the center of Den Haag. My neighbours will be a two friends who also work with film and video [more later] and we plan to join our forces. Keep yourself updated by visiting this page.
Finally 2008 will be the year that GK-Film and partners will introduce the new Cinevia cartridge. An exiting moment in time for me.
[27 December 2007].

cinevia professional

cinevia cartridge

Cinevia update
The cartridge is being tested at this moment. The actual production on a large scale can start as soon as these tests have been finished. We will keep you informed via this news page. You can also register yourself at the central website for Cinevia films.
[16 December 2007].
 filmlab columbia KinoLab Columbia
KinoLab is a laboratory of filmmakers, created in Bogotá - Colombia, February 2007, by Enrico Mandirola (Italian) and Jaime Gutierrez (Colombia). This laboratory is an open space to all artists who wish to learn: techniques of development for Super8 and 16mm, how to use cameras and projector, experiment and work with the format. In parallel the laboratory organizes workshop of "cinema with Super-8" and
collaborates with the students of the local’s university. We also offer the service of “handmade” development and optical Telecinema, for all those which do not want to put the "hands in the baths".
For more information contact us to:
Carrera 3° n54/51 apto 702
phone: 0057-1-3460589
url :
28 november 2007].
lab news update price list film
On the 'price list film' page I updated several filmstocks and tried to make it more logical. Now you should be able to read clearly that you can buy; super8, single8, 16mm, doublesuper8 and even 35mm films with or without processing costs. Let me know if you think I did not succeed :-).
[11 November 2007].


9th Dresdner Schmalfilmtage
From Tuesday 24th until Sunday 26th January 2008 there will be the 9th edition of the Dresdner Schmaltage in Germany. Deadline for entries is 6th January 2008. Check out for more info.
[22 October 2007].
HMD Home Movie Day
There is a Home Movie day on 11 August in Amsterdam. Jean-Pierre Sens and Simona Monizza are coordinating it there for the first time this year. Click the logo for more details about the event. Click here for the global event.
[04 August 2007].
Lipton Icetea Discgolf Lipton Icetea
Some footage of the new commercials for Lipton Icetea Discgolf were shot on Kodak Super8 Ektachrome 7280 films. Processed by the Super8 Lab. Check out their website, and click on the movies! Some of these are also broadcasted on TV.
[20 July 2007].



Cinevia super8 cartridge
In film theater Babylon Berlin was a small filmfair before the 'Tick8' competition announced who all the lucky winners were. GK-Film's Gottfried Klose together with film partners Dr. Florian Kaps [L] and Frank Bruinsma [R] showed a prototype of the new super8 cartridge. On the outside there is not so much to see because it still has to fit in super8 camera's :-) But on the inside several changes have been made to optimise the film run as much as possible. Of course one of the most asked questions was when this cartridge will finally come on the market. The answer from GK-Film is that they we are still in the testing period. We have to finish all these tests first to be sure that this cartridge can fit all the high demands! Maybe this years Christmas will be a very extraordinary one.
[22 October 2007].
lab news New PDF pricelists for download
The Dutch pricelist
prijslijst 2007 215Kb
The English pricelist
pricelist 2007 215Kb
Please notice that there is one real change for processing super8 films: films delivered before Wednesday 18.00 PM hours are ready to be dispatched or collected the following Monday 10.00 AM [this in no guaranty].

These grafic works are designed by DubDay Den Haag.
[17 July 2007]
lab news Film screenings
On the 'various' page I updated several film screenings in Europe and a Nomos film competition that you can join.
[11 June 2007].
kodachrome processing Kodachrome
Still many costumers ask the lab where and how to get Kodachrome films processed. This complicated and very poluting process is only done by Dwayne's Photo in the USA. They are the only one that offer the K14 process in the whole world. If you have a K25/K40 type super8, DS8, 16mm or 35mm Kodachrome film you can fill in this PDF form and send it together with your film to:
Dwayne's Photo
PO Box 274
415 S 32nd St.
Parsons KS 67357
Or read the more info via:
[09 June 2007].
lab news Supr8 on YouTube
Filmmaker Edgar F. Kapp from Rotterdam uploaded his super8 film 'Le Mans' on
[06 June 2007].
lab news

From today please send all your packages, envelopes and letters to the actual address of the lab:
Super8 Reversal Lab NL
Frank Bruinsma
Justus van Effenstraat 44
3027 TK Rotterdam
The address will be closed very soon. Do not use it anymore please. Many thanks.
[04 May 2007].


News from Japan
During the German Filmbörse in Waghäusel -held on 21 April- I had a nice talk with mister Tak Kohyama from Retro Enterprises in Tokyo. He told me that a new Fuji single8 film will be released soon. This will be a Fuji Astia 100F Daylight balanced single8 film. Togehter with the 'old' news that Fuji has decided that they will continue to produce single8 R25N and R200N for another 2 year made my day. Astia 100F promises to be a good emulsion that will close the gap between 25 and 200ASA filmstocks on single8.
Second news from Retro8 is that they have a new service. They offer to put your video-tape onto single8 film! Details? Ask Retro-8!
[03 May 2007].

lab news

Third Filmmuseum Biennale
Please if you are in the Netherlands visit the Filmmuseum Biennale which takes place in Amsterdam from 11 to 15 April 2007. During this biennial film festival, the Filmmuseum will be showing silent films together with live performances of new soundtracks. Special finds from the historical film collection will also be presented. Visitors will be able to enjoy gems from film history in some forty screenings, many complete with musical accompaniment by, for example, classical ensembles, contemporary composers and DJs.
[10 April 2007].

lab news Compare E6 with C41
On the -> research -> research chemie page is a new update. A test with processing 7280 Ektachrome in normal E6 and negative C41 chemistry. Have a look.
[22 July 2006].

WittnerChrome 100D
From today is WittnerChrome 100D available via this lab. This is a film that is made from NEW Kodak 7285 Ektachrome film. ISO 100/21DIN Daylight film without filter.

Excluding processing € 19.00 [each, excl V.A.T.]
Including processing € 30.00 [each, excl V.A.T.]

Remember that you can not use this film in all regular automatic super8 camera's because the sensitivity will not be recognized so be careful. This is a very nice neutral color and sharp super8 film. WittnerChrome 100D is a competitor for Cinevia 50D.
[4 July 2006].

view trailer Jazz is my Religion
This documentary from Gerard Wessel offers a very up close and personal meeting with writer, speed user, up-tempo poet and jazz disc jockey Jules Deelder. In Rotterdam Deelder is best known as the 'Nightmajor of Rotterdam'. Many shots were made on black and white super8 and 16mm reversal film that was processed by this laboratory. The DVD is for sale.
If you want to see the trailer click here, if you want to see the photo's of the film's premiere click here, with thanks to Phoxx Locationscope Rotterdam.
[10 June 2006].

toptop homehome