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A page with the latest gossip, news, techniques and changes in super8 [lab-] land. Here you find the '2014 news', the '2013 news', the '2012 news', the '2011 news', the '2010 news', and the the '2009 news'. On the last page you find the 'news archive' with articles from pre 2008. Last update 25 April 2016.

super8-lab Which emulsion to choose
The lab receives this question on a daily base: `What film should I use?` and our answer will be: `That is a personal and technical choice you have to make.` First check your camera manual to learn what film types it can automatically expose. If you don`t have a manual search for one on the www. This info will limit your options. Secondly choose between black/white or colour films. And do you want a reversal film for projection or do you need a digital file anyway? This leaves you with a few options. Now how will your film look after exposure and processing (and maybe scanning)? The only good way to learn the characters of all emulsions is to use them all at least once. I know this is an expensive road but understand what film makes so beautiful compared to digital files: every film emulsion and light situation gives you unique images!s.
[25 April 2015].
filmrescue turn-around time for expired films
All expired/outdated still and motion films are treated under Film Rescue Europe. Expired films are developed in batches and the first cycle cutoff date is:
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Our goal is to have your order complete and ready to ship 10-16 weeks after that date. This is not a guarantee but in the vast majority of cases it can be relied upon. Please do not wait to send your films until just before the cycle start date. Having orders early allows us to prepare for the cycle early and begin processing sooner. Use this order form for your expired film. Thanks.
[24 April 2016].

learn how chemistry works
The documentary 'The Alchemist in Hollywood' shows step by step how chemistry works when films are being developed. It is kind of geek-talk but still very nice and clear to understand. It runs for 30 minutes so you need some time.
[09 April 2016].

color in film

10 best film colour systems
On March 2 and 3 the British Film Institute (BFI) will organize an international conference `colour in film; the 10 best film colour systems`. It is about what makes old colour system that we not perfect so beautifull, and answers questions like how can you see the difference between a Technicolor and Kodachrome film? Very special and extraordinary and because I really want to know/learn more about this subject I will personally visit this BFI conference. Click on the image for the BFI website and register!
[20 February 2016].


all you need is me
The documentary 'All You Need is Me' by Wim van der Aar will be shown in movie theaters from February 25th 2016. It tells the extraordinary story of Dutch artist Aad Donker. During the early 90's the critically acclaimed and highly talented artist/painter Aad Donker makes name as upcoming artist together with his brothers Gijs and Justus. As part of the controversial collective After Nature Dark the brothers quickly get a foothold in New York. As Gijs and Justus returned to the Netherlands, Aad remains in New York with his great love Amy. When Amy and Aad split up, it quickly goes downhill with Aad. Delusions and fears dominate him and he loses his grip on reality. At the age of 31 Aad commits suicide. Filmmaker Wim van der Aar (de Van Waveren Tapes) takes the viewer on a journey through Leiden, Amsterdam, New York and Suriname, with unique archival footage is interspersed with interviews with his brothers, Amy and After Nature founder Peter Klashorst.
Film Rescue International and Super8 Reversal Lab have developed several cartridges super8 Kodachrome, Ektachrome 160 and Tri-X that were used for this documentary.
[16 February 2016].


dråpe - round and around music video
Evan Hafnor made this gorgeous music video on super8 colour negative stock. I developed the original footage and the scanning was done by Haghefilm-Digitaal to a 1080p logfile. The colours are choosen deliberately this way. It is a nice example what you can do with today`s super8 films, I was happy to be a small part of this.
[05 February 2016].

filmshooting forum

media coverage
There is a fantastic page added to the filmshooting forum that sums up all the media that covered the Kodak super8 camera introduction. I say the camera is already legendary before someone could even shoot one movie with it :-). What a fantastic PR, unreal.
[10 January 2016].


Kodak speaks
In this video Kodak speaks about super8 film for the first time in public in many years. And Kodak share their thoughts for the future of their new camera. This is in many ways remarkable and definitly a good sign for everyone who makes films. This first Kodak super8 camera since 1982 has digital sounds and a 3.5" display (not an optical viewfinder), it holds the super8 cartridge as we know it and will be release in the Fall of this year. The following production (sold in 2017?) camera will have a price tag between $400 and $750.
There is a lot of attention for the product and if you use google and search for Kodak+CES+camera+Super8 you get many results. Too many to add them here but definitly click on this link to view the technical specifications of the camera first.
[08 January 2016].


Kodak super8 camera
Unbelievable but so true, Kodak will introduce a new super8 motion picture camera in 2016. Click on this link to read the full press-release. And click on the logo for a larger image by Kodak.
[06 January 2016].


I wish everyone a healthy and calm New Year!
Thanks to everyone who has made a film on super8 in the past years, and please (everyone!) continue to do so. Super8 is here to stay for the coming 50 years, but the only way we can achive this is to keep shooting our work on film, and not only to talk about it.
We might see a new film emulsion by Italian company Film Ferrania in 2016, and maybe there are more surprises to come :-). Keep an eye on this page or follow the facebook/twitter account from this lab to stay tuned. Click the image for larger photo.
[05 January 2016].


Logmar results
Friedemann Wachsmuth is a active user of super8 film and most of all a person that is sharing all his analogue results (see Here are the test results that he shot with the new Logmar camera (the one from Danmark). Can you believe this result is super8 film at all? The images are beyond sharpness and steady as a house. It sure doesn`t look like the super8 we know today. Will this be the future for/of super8? I was not suprised that you could achive this quality with super8 film, but now that I actually see it, it makes me wonder what it is that super8 makes it super8. If you know what I mean.
[12 December 2015].


Science of Cinema
Steve Cossman, founder and director of Mono No Aware, a non-profit cinema arts institute in Brooklyn, New York, tells in very clear words how analogue film works; from light to visible images.
[23 November 2015].


Kodak Super8 Challenge
Join the Kodak's Super 8 Filmmaking Challenge. You’ve shot music videos, skateboard tricks, home movies and more. We all have stories to tell – It’s time to show yours. As part of our ongoing celebration of Super 8 film, we’ve launched the Kodak Super 8 Filmmaking Challenge. Submit your own clips (five minutes or under) on Super 8 film now through December 21 for the chance to win BIG prizes – including a Super 8 camera and swag – and have your clip screened at Slamdance Film Festival 2016! Click image for larger logo.
[20 November 2015].

GS8D Amsterdam

Global Super8 Day
Saturday 24 October it’s ‘Global Super 8 Day’, the day that worldwide the 50th anniversary of the popular Super8 film format is celebrated.
What: Global Super 8 Day – Stichting Amateurfilm presents ‘The Power of Super 8’: a tribute to 50 years of Super 8 film
Who: With contributions by Johan Kramer, Andreas Pasvantis, Wim van der Aar, Laura Köpping, Hans van der Sloot & Patrick Carelsz, Herman Rammers en Onno Petersen!
When: Saturday, 24 October 2015, 16:00-18:00
Where: OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Entrance: free entrance, registration via:
Super 8 was a beloved amateur film format among both hobbyists and family filmmakers. During the late 1960s and 1970s it brought an immense popularization in amateur filmmaking and, despite the turn to digital media in the 1990s, is still used by film enthusiasts today. Many memories, birthday parties and holidays have been recorded in 3 minutes and 20 seconds, the average duration of a Super 8 film cassette.
Exactly 50 years after Eastman Kodak has introduced the Super 8 film, its release is celebrated worldwide. From Europe to Japan, Australia to Canada and, of course, in the United States; everyone is celebrating ‘Global Super 8 Day’ at the end of October:
There is also an edition in Den Haag, click this.
And one event in Rotterdam.

[23 October 2015].

super8-lab New prices film processing service
The prices for our film processing service have changed since today, 23rd September 2015. Go directly to this film processing page to see all updates.
[23 September 2015].

Fuji R25 double8
Yeah, you are right, this is an expired film (check images). So this isn't actually any 'news', but I have never seen (I work for more than 25 years with 8mm, single8 and super8 film) a double8 film made by Fuji! So therefore I have to show this to you. Please click on the image to view photo's.
[17 August 2015].

film-in-process film in process
There is a new motion picture processing lab in Europe since a ew weeks. The Film in Process lab in London was setup by Bea Haut and Karel Doing and is aimed at developing new black/white 16mm negative and positive films.
Bea Haut worked collaboratively with Loophole Cinema in the 1990s and in recent years has been producing Analogue Recurring with David Leister. Completing an MA in Fine Art at UEL in 2012, she has been operating the processor since for her own 16mm practice.
Karel Doing co-founded Studio één, Netherlands, an artist run film lab in 1990. Moving to London in 2012, he has operated the processing service at for more than 2 years.
It is very good that a new motion picture processing lab has started, because the more people use analogue film the better it will be for the future of film (click image).
[26 July 2015].

Business trip to Retro8
Here you can view a few images I took during my trip to Retro Enterprises (better known as from mr. Tak Kohyama in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Kohyama runs a film laboratory for single8 and super8 films, besides this he owns a shop where you can buy various camera's (or rent them) and get fresh single8/super8 stock or smalformat attributes (eye pieces, tape, splicers). Further more he has a third division where he can duplicate and transcode allmost every video format to any digital file type you desire. And logically he can scan single8/super8 and 16mm films, where he uses a Müller scanner that is made in the Netherlands by the way. It was an amazing experience to visit Japan and therefore I would like to thank mr. Kohyama once again via this way for his kindness, hospitality, energy and time. A European like me can learn a lot from that :-)
Please click on the image to view the photo series.
[13 July 2015].


Business trip and summer holidays
From May 9th until June 1st I will be on a business trip followed by my early summer holidays. You can send your films with an order form to my lab, just make sure you send it in the last week of May, or better early June. Thank you.
[8 May 2015].


15 years Super8 Reversal Lab
Today May 1st 2015 I celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Super8 Reversal Lab with all of you!
Since the beginning of 2000 I started to work full-time and non-stop on everything that has to do with the super8 film format. My goal has always been to keep the super8 film format attainable, affordable and alive (now and in the future) as film format, for everyone who wants to use it.
And what would a lab be without film makers? So therefore I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who supported the lab in the past 15 years, and I truly hope I can stay on this position for a very long time. Thank you all, thank you! Super8 for everyone!
Ben Faydherbe from Den Haag designed the celebration poster, click the image to enlarge. This is at the same time my tribute to '50 years super8 cartridge' that we also celebrate this year.
[1 May 2015].


Haagsstraatnieuws - article
Click here to read the English translation of the short article about the Super8 Reversal Lab by journalist Paul Waayers and photography by Bertus Gerssen!
[18 April 2015].


film sceening 120 years
On sunday, March 22nd 2015 it was exactly 120 years ago that the Lumiere brothers
held their first 'moving pictures' film screening for a selected audience in the world. The film screening in Paris exsisted out of a few short scene's. One of the most well known scene's is 'workers leaving the factory'. Those were the days!
[25 March 2015].


About one week ago journalist Paul and photographer Bertus from the Dutch newspaper 'Haagsstraatnieuws' came to visit me for an article that is about 'old craftsmanship'. It was a very nice meeting with two dedicated people who have their harts on the right place. The streetnewspaper is being sold by homeless people in and around the city Den Haag, the idea behind it is to 'give help so they can help themselve'. Buy that paper. Click the logo.
[23 March 2015].


Crater Lab
My lab donated this Oldelft 16mm viewer table to Crater Lab in Barcelona, Spain. It wasn't any usefull for my lab and I could not scrap it, so I was happy that the artists film makers from Crater Lab were able to find a solution to ship it to Barcelona! Have a look at the images. I must have arrived safe.
[20th March 2015].


The opening sequence for a new Dutch documentary (due in 2016) was shot in this lab on the 35mm 2-perf system in the middle of February 2015. Look at the images from the camera, it was more than silent. You couldn't hear anything when the shot was made, great! The crew was only made out of 3 people (director, camera man and camera assistent) and the scene's were close up shot's from super8 cartridges and the processing of it. What a great day this was!
[17th March 2015].

super8manual super8manual
So you just started to work in super8? Or you just bought a super8 camera? Are you sure this is a super8 camera and not 8mm or single8? Well then this website is for you, a great manual for everyone that uses - or want's to use - super8 film.
[27 January 2015].
super8-lab New services/surcharges
From January 2015 there are some additional charges, here's a short list:
* pre-paid b/w films get a surcharge of €1,00 for each cartridge due to raised prices for chemistry.
* pre-paid colour reversal films get a surcharge of €0,50 for each cartridge due to raised prices for chemistry. If the pre-paid sticker is more than 1 year old the surcharge is €1,00/cartridge.
* pre-paid colour negative films get a surcharge of €1,40 for each cartridge due to raised prices for chemistry.
* editing new processed films onto larger reels cost €0,75 for each 50ft film, excluding the price for the larger reel. If you want a scan preparation the price for the work is €42,00 each hour.
* the lab charges €10 administration costs for sending your package via your own DHL, FedEx or UPS account.
All prices are excluding 21% VAT.
[27 January 2015].

Ferrania master roll
If you click on the small image on the left you will see a large image that shows what we call a 'master roll'. These rolls are general 115 cm wide and about 1200 meter long. This is the basic size in which emulsion is being produced. From this roll the final film formats are being cut down, from double8 and super8 to 70mm film. The picture you see here was originally posted by Film Ferrania on their Facebook page.
[16th January 2015].

kahl nc17

Kahl NC17 super8
A very special super8 cartridge, it can be used with daylight and with Tungsten light. The film is not suited for projection, the idea is that you scan the film after processing in order to achive a 60's look. The final result depends on the exposure, processing and scanning so be aware we offer this crazy film as 'art-film' for those who wish to try something different, aprox. 15 meter each cartridge.
I do not know what type of emulsion is inside as the manufactorer doesn't want to tell me, but I assume it will be Orwo or Agfa stock.

EI 50/17° for daylight [5500K, without filter]

pijl Including processing € 38.00 [each, excl. 21% VAT]

January 2015. This is an extra special super8 cartridge with colour reversal stock to achive special effects, if you like to take a gamble. I have not used this type of emulsion myself. To order this film just send an .

super8-lab Pages update
In the past weeks I've update the complete website. Here are the main changes:
* The prices of all products have been adjusted.
* I've added some new products.
* Visit this page and view all films we offer with processing.
* The general conditions have been updated.
* The most important change is that from today on the lab will only sell films with processing included.
That is because this lab does only exsists from processing 8mm and super8 films. Thank you for understanding. My advise for those people who want to purchase films in order to process them yourself I reccomend you to buy them straight from the manufactorer (that is also how we do it), or find an online shop.
[05 January 2015].

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