agfa super8 films

agfa filmsMost super8 films you see on this page are no longer available. I have successfully processed many of these old films. Some say they’re useless, other say that they are the best in the world. I must agree that some films that were outdated show colors that you could not get in any other way!
You can use unexposed 'old-films' very good. If you find a cartridge that was exposed many many years ago you could get color changes more quickly. You can preserve an unexposed film rather good.

Ektachrome 7285

WittnerChrome 200D super8
Color reversal, aprox. 15 meter each cartridge.
This product is made from Agfa Aviphot 200ASA daylight balanced film.

EI 200/24° for daylight [5500K, without filter]
EI 50/18° for Tungsten [3200-3400K, with Wratten 80A filter]

pijl This film can no longer be sold because they are no longer available via the manufactorer.

This super8 film was intoduced very quickly once Kodak announced they had stopped the production of Ektachrome 100D. This lab expects to sell new Kodak Ektachrome 100 super8 cartridges somewhere in October or November 2018. To order this film just send an .

PDF Agfa download Agfa Aviphot Data Sheet

agfa moviechrome 40 sound

You don’t see this Agfa Moviechrome Sound film very often. This film gives always images after processing (some films have no more emulsion afterwards…) and the colors stay very good depending on the way it was preserved. The sound track dens’t become affected in al the years, and you could dub new sounds on it.

agfa moviechrome 40

This Agfa Moviechrome super8 film is on (or the) latest one. It stays sharp en clear after processing. If you find this one at a flea market: buy it and shoot it!

agfa moviechrome 40 older Same story as the one above.Click the image for an example.

agfa moviechrome 40 red

I recently used this film myself, an old Agfa Moviechrome type. It becomes green after processing but sometimes you also have some red colors in it. A beautiful old style image is the result. It's nice to build an archive of all of these old film with you own image.

agfa moviechrome sound40 red

Agfa Moviechrome sound40.

agfacolor double-8

Agfacolor double-8 film that will be tested once.

agfa gevapan 16mm Agfa 16mm negative film, Gevapan 27. I used this film (dated 1950’s) some time ago and the result, after some experimenting, was beautiful. You can’t make the same images, with a very soft grey tone, with any other new film stock.

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