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A page with the latest gossip, news, techniques and changes in super8 [lab-] land. Here you find the '2012 news', the '2011 news', the '2010 news', and the the '2009 news'. On the last page you find the 'news archive' with articles from pre 2008. Last update January 16th 2015.

super8manual super8manual
So you just started to work in super8? Or you just bought a super8 camera? Are you sure this is a super8 camera and not 8mm or single8? Well then this website is for you, a great manual for everyone that uses - or want's to use - super8 film.
[27 January 2015].
super8-lab New services/surcharges
From January 2015 there are some additional charges, here's a short list:
* pre-paid b/w films get a surcharge of €1,00 for each cartridge due to raised prices for chemistry.
* pre-paid colour reversal films get a surcharge of €0,50 for each cartridge due to raised prices for chemistry. If the pre-paid sticker is more than 1 year old the surcharge is €1,00/cartridge.
* pre-paid colour negative films get a surcharge of €1,40 for each cartridge due to raised prices for chemistry.
* editing new processed films onto larger reels cost €0,75 for each 50ft film, excluding the price for the larger reel. If you want a scan preparation the price for the work is €42,00 each hour.
* the lab charges €10 administration costs for sending your package via your own DHL, FedEx or UPS account.
All prices are excluding 21% VAT.
[27 January 2015].

Ferrania master roll
If you click on the small image on the left you will see a large image that shows what we call a 'master roll'. These rolls are general 115 cm wide and about 1200 meter long. This is the basic size in which emulsion is being produced. From this roll the final film formats are being cut down, from double8 and super8 to 70mm film. The picture you see here was originally posted by Film Ferrania on their Facebook page.
[16th January 2015].

kahl nc17

Kahl NC17 super8
A very special super8 cartridge, it can be used with daylight and with Tungsten light. The film is not suited for projection, the idea is that you scan the film after processing in order to achive a 60's look. The final result depends on the exposure, processing and scanning so be aware we offer this crazy film as 'art-film' for those who wish to try something different, aprox. 15 meter each cartridge.
I do not know what type of emulsion is inside as the manufactorer doesn't want to tell me, but I assume it will be Orwo or Agfa stock.

EI 50/17° for daylight [5500K, without filter]

pijl Including processing € 38.00 [each, excl. 21% VAT]

January 2015. This is an extra special super8 cartridge with colour reversal stock to achive special effects, if you like to take a gamble. I have not used this type of emulsion myself. To order this film just send an .

super8-lab Pages update
In the past weeks I've update the complete website. Here are the main changes:
* The prices of all products have been adjusted.
* I've added some new products.
* Visit this page and view all films we offer with processing.
* The general conditions have been updated.
* The most important change is that from today on the lab will only sell films with processing included.
That is because this lab does only exsists from processing 8mm and super8 films. Thank you for understanding. My advise for those people who want to purchase films in order to process them yourself I reccomend you to buy them straight from the manufactorer (that is also how we do it), or find an online shop.
[05 January 2015].

George Eastman House
I think this is an inspiring series in which the George Eastman House explains 12 different photographic processes from the beginning (1839) until today. These techniques are the base for our super8 film making and this knowledge is fast dissapearing. Click the image to visit the George Eastman House YouTube channel.
[16 December 2014]

eastman link
ferrania Kick Ferrania
The Film Ferrania factory setup a Kickstarter project in order to purchase and build a small plant where they can poor new emulsion. That is a great idea and worth to financially support them.
[01 October 2014].
super8-lab Order form
From now on the lab has an official order form that helps us both to improve the communication and therefore I kindly ask everyone to use this. Download it here.
[25 September 2014].
save film
I guess I do not have to explain this website, please sign the petition to preserve film as medium.
[23 May 2014].


In the past week I was a volunteer for 1 day for our Dutch national film institute EYE. In one of their vaults they keep nitrate film [very flamable] that has to be manually checked by opening every single can by hand. And what a way this was to spend my free day.
[21 May 2014].

super8-lab Pages update
In the past weeks we've update the the super8 and the sale pages.
[19 March 2014].
ferrania Ferrania factory
The same story in English about the Ferrania film factory in Italy.
[20 Februar 2014].
ferrania Ferrania factory
German company Wittner Cinetec has visited the Ferrania film factory in Italy and placed a large amount of photo's on their website. Even if you don't read German it is interesting to take a closer look at the pictures because as far as I know there aren't much film factories that show their machines and interior to the whole world. So grab your chance.
FilmFerrania (as they call themselves) is working on making new emulsions for us, the people who like to expose film. The FilmFerrania goal is to produce various stocks but what interest me most is a new 50, 100 or 200 ASA colour reversal film, so let's cross our fingers they can get this factory rollin'.
[18 Februar 2014].
Aviphot 200d

Aviphot 200D in single8
It's here, the new single8 film from Japan, it contains Agfa Aviphot 200D emulsion that was already available in super8 cartridges.
A single8 colour reversal daylight film (12 meter). Exposure Index 200 ASA [without filter]. Click to enlarge.

pijlExcluding processing not available
pijlIncluding processing € 35.00 [each, excl. 21% VAT]

All prices are excluding reels, sending and 21% VAT.
The processing is done by the Super8 Reversal Lab.

[09 February 2014].


I am looking forward to 2014 and I hope you all do too. The super8 year 2014 promisses us two major new products that will make us all very happy. I expect a lot from the new super8 camera that will be released by a father and son from Denmark, the Logmar company. Here you read more about them, a great article by F. Wachsmut.
Secondly I hope the Ferrania company from Italy will relaunch their reversal film stock this year. Follow the Ferrania site to keep yourself up-to-date. This news sounds almost to good to be true, and if Kodak is listening they might wanna produce some Ekta 100D every once in a while too. Yes Kodak there is still a market for colour reversal films!
So happy 2014 everyone!
[03 January 2014].

super8-lab New Year's holidays
From December 23 until January 5th the lab will be closed for the New Year holidays. Thank you everyone who has supported the super8 lab in 2013, that has been a satisfied year! I am looking forward to 2014!
[20 December 2013].

Video interview with FRI
As you might know I represent Film Rescue International in Europe, for more than 1 year now we have a succesfull partnership and friendship.
In this video [it starts at about 1.00 minute, don't let the commercial stop you] you can see Greg at work in his lab. It gives a good view on what FRI does! I am happy to be a small part of this!
[20 December 2013]


Creative use
There are film makers that are very creative in using and combining super8 and single8 film. This example shows Kodak Vision-3 super8 color negative film in a single8 cartidge. Now he can use the latest emulsion in single8 format. Maybe it is good to remember that at this moment there is no company in the world [not even Wittner or Retro8] that load color negative emulsion in single8 cartridges.
[08 November 2013].

EYE logo

Enjoy this short video. A behind the scene movie in the nitrate archive of EYE, the film museum in Amsterdam. Silent film curator Elif Rongen-Kaynakci explains how nitrate film is treated and restored.
[05 November 2013]

kodak logo kodak company
It is a fact. Kodak has survived and is ready for the future. 'Our motion picture film business will continue to be part of the company’s future. We are manufacturing film, we’ve inked contracts with six studios, labs around the world are dedicated to quality service, and, most importantly, filmmakers are choosing film.'. Click the logo for more details by Kodak.
[05 November 2013].
330live Super8 event Den Haag
On November 30th there will be a large super8 event held in 330 LIVE. Click the links for more info. Come and join!
[02 November 2013].
Blind Night

The Blind Night
Roberto de Baltasar Ugena made this short trailer on Kodak Tri-X black/white reversal film that I developed. Don't you think this looks awesome? I find it very beautifull and stylish. Roberto hopes he can raise more funds now so he can produce the long version of his American 40's noir film. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and one thing is for sure; he knows how to make movies.
[29 oktober 2013]

E100D in cross-process

Cross-process vs color negative
Click on the small image and view the enlargement first please.
On the left side you see a super8 Ektachrome 100D color reversal film that was developed in C-41 color negative chemistry. Using the opposite chemistry than the intended one is called 'cross-processing' and can be applied to a variety of emulsions, you always get an (unexpected) different result. This idea of E6-C41 was used a lot during the period that analogue photography was at it's top in fashion industry. The stronger colours and higher contrasts was something that fit :-).
The right side of the picture shows Vision-3 color negative super8 film processed in it's original ECN-2 bath. I show you this because many of today's users have no idea what color negative film looks like. If you expose Vision-3 films (or other color negative stock) you should be aware that these types have an orange mask, and the film should be printed onto positive film or scanned and made digital positive before you can actually view the final results.
I would like to thank the two film makers who gave permission to use the still images.

[27 October 2013].

ferrania Ferrania
You probably read this news on other websites and if you did that's just perfect. If this is new for you then you might be pleased that Ferrania from Italy is going to make new colour reversal filmstock that will also be available in the super8 format! So this is just what we need! Go to their website by clicking the logo.
[15 August 2013].
super8-lab Summer vacation
From Augusts 16th until September 8th the lab will be closed for summer holidays.
[09 August 2013].
Foma D8

Fomapan D8
From now on available double8 [D8] Fomapan R100 black/white reversal film (2x10 meter)
EI 100 by daylight [no filter].
Click to enlarge.

Excluding processing not available
Including processing € 22.00 [each/roll excl. reel, shipping and 21% BTW]

This film is only suitable for camera's that handle double8 films, also known as regular8 or normal8. Film camera's that work are for example a Bolex H-8 Rex-4 or a Bolex P2 Zoom Reflex. The film will be split after processing and edited on 1 large reel for projection [about 4 minutes running time]. Order films via .
[29 mei 2013].

Fomapan DS8

Fomapan DS8
From now on available doublesuper8 [DS8] Fomapan R100 black/white reversal film (2x30 meter)
EI 100 by daylight [no filter].
Click to enlarge.

Excluding processing not available
Including processing € 60.00 [each/roll excl. reel, shipping and 21% BTW]

This film is only suitable for camera's that handle doublesuper8 films like Zenit Quarz DS8 or Canon Zoom DS8 camera's. The doublesuper8 film format is often written as DS8. The film will be split after processing and edited on 1 large reel for projection [about 12 minutes running time]. Order films via .
[29 mei 2013].

super8-lab Pages update
In the past weeks we've update the the super8 and the single8 pages.
[26 May 2013].

Naren Wilks
This film 'Collide-o-scope' is made by artist Naren Wilks who shot it on super8 that was developed by this lab. We are proud to be a small part of this great work of art. Naren has won several prices with his film already.
[18 April 2013]


16mm + 35mm
Our combined know-how lead since the beginning of this year to a positive start in handling telecine jobs for small format films. This close co-operation with Haghefilm Digitaal spreads out to new combined services. From now on the S8RL offers also their 16mm and 35mm color negative processing [process ECN-2] for all customers, professional or artistic. This makes it much more easy for international film makers to deliver their processing work from 8mm to 35mm at one lab that can handle all the assignments.

[08 March 2013].


Graficolor Switzerland
If you click the small image you can enjoy a photo series made in Swiss super8 lab Graficolor. They are open three days a week and develop about 1000 cartridges a year. A nice photo serie.

[26 February 2013].


Agfa Aviphot
On several places people are testing a new emulsion that can be used in super8 cartidges; Agfa Aviphot 200ASA color reversal film. This emulsion can be screened after development with a movie projector just like Ektachrome 100D. It is daylight balanced color reversal film after all. The first tests that were done by the S8RL are positive, the emulsion has a large latitude [you have a wide exposure range] and the colors are good. Unfortunatly the weather isn't that great so it's difficult to judge color in this stage. The disadvantage of Agfa Aviphot is that it has a large grain structure, and we think that we can improve the quality by using an adjusted processing system. So we hope to find a solution for better results, a matter of time. Click the image to view a few slides we made on 35mm still film, be aware that you are watching slide film and not super8 frames.

[22 February 2012].

Kodak 100D

Kodak Ektachrome 100D color reversal, type 7285 (50feet), Exposure index daylight EI 100 [no filter]. Click to enlarge.

Excluding processing not available
Including processing € 33.10 [each, excl. 21% VAT] Limited available.

Yes, Kodak did announce they will not make this film emulsion anymore, and that's really a shame because it was sold out immediatly. Now this lab orders the films that are still left from German company Wittner and that's the reason why we had to increase the price, sorry. It's available while it lasts. To order this film just send an .
[5 February 2013].


Adox Pan-X 100 reverso
black & white reversal film, about 15 meter each cartridge
ISO 100/21° Daylight (no filter)
[Click to enlarge].

Excluding processing € 16.75 [each cartridge excl. 21% VAT]
Including processing € 24.20 [each cartridge excl. 21% VAT]

The film is sold for some time now but I never added it to this list, sorry. This German film has a clear triacetate base and the Adox company is doing very well with manufactoring light sensitive film [read they poor their own emulsion]. This black and white reversal film can also be developed in b/w negative.
[31 January 2013].

Looper8 logo

Looper 8
This super8 looper machine was developed by David Pfluger from Switserland. He invested a lot of time in the super8 looper so you can be sure it works fantastic [I know from experience that it's not easy to build]. The idea is that you make an endless film. You have one scene that you want to repeat over and over again? Then you can use a loop machine. You glue the beginning and the end together so it besome one endless long super8 film. You can repeat it untill infinity. Click the image for more info.
[30 january 2013].


Haghefilm Digial
This super laboratory and Haghefilm Digital have started a co-operation for the small format films. We focus mainly on archives and institution as our first customers!

[24 January 2013].


Christmas & New Year
It has been an enervating and challenging year 2012, so definitly time for a short break. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited and supported the lab, we will be back on January 7th 2013, and I hope to see yah all then (click image for enlargement)!

[21 December 2012].


Interview FRI
This is a phone interview with Cory who works as scanoperator at Film Rescue International Canada, where we became partners with since a few months. The English conversation is worth listening -it's not very long- because you get a cool glimps of the work they do in this film laboratory.
[19 December 2012]

7203 Vision-3 50D super8
Kodak always combines bad news [discontinue of Ektachrome 100D] with good news; the new Vision-3 50D color negative film on super8 is here! It is a 50ASA daylight balanced super8 film that you will have to get transferred digital [extra costs] or get a positive print made from [extra costs] before you can actually see the end results. It's not that this film was meant to be for projection purposes, no sir. Vision-3 50D filmstock will give us more details and sharpness compared to Ektachrome 100D so in that sense it one step forward, but in the end we super8 film makers take two steps back. I'm sorry but that's how the lab thinks about it.
This company can develop the Vision-3 super8 film in our own lab in Den Haag, but for making positive prints or doing a telecine we will gladly forward you to our friends. As soon as the film is available and the price is know I'll upload the info on this page of course. Info from Kodak.
[18 December 2012].
haghefilm Haghefilm Digital
This is the new name for the Cineco/Haghefilm laboratory that went bankrupt on October 23rd 2012. We are very pleased and happy that they make a new start, the new president will be Eric Vrolijk who is very well known in the motion picture industry and has earned his respect a long time ago. We wish Haghefilm Digital a lot of succes and we will stay your customer for many years!
[14 December 2012].
ektachrome Ektachrome
On December 11th Kodak announced they stop the production of Ektachrome 100D color reversal super8 film [but also in 16mm and 35mm]. This means the end of the latest beautifull color reversal film on the small film format. There should be enough stock for the comming months says Kodak. This lab has sold out completely and we are trying to get some fresh E100D if possible.
[14 December 2012].

Mudde Film Den Haag
A year ago mr. Mudde from Mudde Film past away. The company on the Ieplaan in Den Haag was famous for all the projection equipment they sold. Now there are still different kinds of film projectors and small parts in their storage space, and the sons of mr. Mudde want to sell the equipment [new and used] at very friendly and reasonable prices. I thought you might all be interested, or maybe you know people who have interest in these motion picture machines [click the image for a few examples]. Anyway spread the word if you can, and for more details or questions you can call Theo Mudde on +31653198864.
[10 December 2012].

super8-lab Jubilee
We celebrated the labs 12,5 years anniversary in the first weekend of November 2012. I am very happy and thankful that the super8 lab exists for this time! And of course my wish is to be here for another 12,5 years at least! I wish to say 'thank you' to all who support the super8 lab by sending films to Den Haag for development!
[04 December 2012].

George Eastman House
A short video that answers the question Who Is The George Eastman House. Looking at this video makes me wanna visit them immediatly and stay there for a while to study all about small format film processing. Have a closer look at their website to know more.
[03 December 2012]


Super8 documentary
Italian film maker Camillo Valle made this short 22 minute documentary about the super8 community. He travelled all over to interview people who deal with super8 in their work as industry professional or as an artist. This is only the teaser for the documentary that will first be shown at film festivals world wide. Here is the website of the video film.
We also are still waiting for the Dutch documentary to be released, but I guess that takes more time.
[29 November 2012]


In the past two weeks the lab received these three damaged packages from customers [click image for photo's]. I want to ask everyone who is sending their films to the lab to make strong packages before you send it. Happily everything was fine and nothing has been lost but you never know.
[28 November 2012].

fotografica logo

Fotografica photo fair 2012
On November 18th the new photo and film fair 'Fotografica' will take place in Nieuwegein, close to Utrecht. This event takes place two times a year and is the place to be for all who collect photo equipment and movie stuff. Also it is the place to be if you want to test and hold the camera's before you actually buy them, something you can't do when you buy online. So grab the chance. Here is more info in Dutch language.
[17 November 2012].

super8-lab Home Movie Day 2012
Saturday October 20th is the new world wide edition of Home Movie Day. I will be present and active in Amsterdam at EYE filmmuseum, join me! Here is the day programm for the location in central Amsterdam where we show real celluloid film and nó video.
[19 October 2012].
super8-lab Telecine
Dear film maker. From today I will stop offering the telecine service in SD and HD. This will give me more time that I will spend on my main activity and that is to develop film. That's where my analogue hart is. If you visit the links page you get a list of companies that offer telecine servics.
[15 October 2012].
super8-lab 21% VAT
Due to the global financial crisis and governments that can't control all the greedy people 'working' at banks we are forced to raise our VAT rate from 19% to 21% starting October 1st.
[1 October 2012].
photokina oog

Meet us between 18th and 23rd September in Cologne, Germany at the photokina. You can find us with Film Rescue in Hall 02.1 at stand C-020b. The photokina is Europe's largest consumer trade show for everything that has to do with photography and film, download an image where you can find us easily.
[15 September 2012].


Super8 Reversal Lab and Film Rescue International became partners
From today 22nd August 2012 there is a European depot for Canadian company Film Rescue International. My Super8 Reversal Lab works very close together with FRI and setup a seperate depot, especially for European costumers. You might know Film Rescue International for their excellent work in developing very old still and motion picture films, including kodachrome. They are a full-service laboratory.
With opening this European depot it becomes far more easy for costumers to get their valuable and precious still and motion picture films developed and scanned in Canada. Film Rescue Europe, as the depot is officially called, takes over all international payments, shipping, administrative and customs handling for all European costumers. At the same time the European depot is thé ideal contact to ask questions how we can develop and scan your film in the best way possible. Click the image to view a large team photo!
Film Rescue Europe
p.o. box 14124
2501 GC
Den Haag
phone: +31 707370178
All info about the services being offered can be found via in English or (part) German.
Absolutely nothing changes the way the Super8 Reversal Lab operates with opening this Film Rescue Europe depot. You can expect the same service as always.
[22 August 2012].


Arnold Vanderlyde
A commercial starring our Dutch boksing hero Arnold Vanderlyde.
This commercial is an example how professional the makers intergrated the b/w super8 footage to make it 1 look. Beautifull.
[07 August 2012]


Summer vacation
Yes, the lab is closed because of the long summer vacation starting June 23rd until July 15th 2012.

[22 June 2012].

Wittner Agfa APX100

Wittner Agfa APX100
Wittner is definitly a very busy company, they released another super8 cartridge that holds Agfa APX100 black/white negative film emulsion this time. I know it a bit old news but anyway. You can order this cartridge directly from the manufactorer i
n Germany, as long as you send it to this lab for development :-).
What the super8 community (or myself) actually needs is a new colour reversal film stock in super8 cartridges. You can now choose out of 4 b/w emulsions (a good thing) but too little colour reversal stocks that are also at a good price. So my next update on a new super8 cartridge would preferably be about a colour reversal film :-).
[10 June 2012].


Alicia Bretón Ferrer and Jeroen Bernard made this short documentary on super8. They won the audience price from 'the initiative' Rotterdam about a year ago.
[09 June 2012]

linkedin logo

Since I am active on the social media for about for 2 months I spend a lot of time updating the Facebook, Twitter and since last week also my LinkedIn account. That is why I haven't updated this website for a long time. I'm Sorry. I will try to add updates here as I always have done but the new media are very attractive :-).
For those who want to join me:

[09 June 2012].

magie S8

De Magie van Super8
Company Dubbelklik from Rotterdam is producing a documentary right now about the 'The Magic of Super8'. They finished the trailer that you see here on the right. The lab co-operated on this documentary since it is or great importance that more and more people are aware that the super8 film format is still alive, that you can still use it and that is exsists today! It has never been gone anyway :-)
[17 April 2012]
[09 June 2012: changed to the version + subtitles]

facebook logo

Yesterday was an amazing day, April 11th 2012. The launch of the lab's Facebook page reached more than 400 likes within 24 hours! Can you believe that? It made me very happy to see that so many who like analogue film making are also on Facebook. I wish to thank you all and now the lab has a shorter URL where you can find us:
The idea behind our Facebook page is that the lab can inform visitors more, easily and faster with short message related to analogue film that is super8, 8mm and 16mm.
In the past I also had messages I wanted to share with you but I didn't since it costs me too much time. I made this message in two languages and that has cost about 30-45 minutes [yes I am slow]. Don't be afraid if you don't use Facebook or twitter because all major updated will be announced here also. The only advantage of the new media is that they are faster.

[12 April 2012].


Upcoming film fair in Waghausel
Together with my friend Ton Stuiver -a true celluloid film collector- I made a short impression video of the celluloid film fair held in Waghausel 2011. This film fair is held every year in April and the upcoming one is due at Saturday April 21st. Please visit the film fair because you have no idea what treasures you can find there, and by doing so you also make it possible for this cine 8-16 magazine being published because it's supported by the film fair. It's one large family. Details about place and time are here..
[10 April 2012].

fuji logo

Fuji single8 available
More good news today! All single8 emulsions are available from today on. Read the Fuji film pages to learn all about single8.

[30 March 2012].


If you want to contact the lab with a question, you need some info or you have a remark you can now easily do that via the form you'll find on this contact page.
If you want to receive a quotation you can fill in thisan find quotation form here.

[30 November 2012].

WittnerChrome Pan R100

WittnerChrome Pan R100 in our lab!
From now on we have added a nice black/white super8 emulsion to our range. Together with Wittner Cinetec Germany we can offer you this;

*WittnerChrome Pan R100 super8 film*
black & white reversal film, about 15 meter each cartridge
ISO 80/20° Tungsten (3400K, no filter)
ISO 100/21° Daylight (5500K, use Wratten 85B filter)

Excluding development € 19.75 [each cartridge excl. VAT]
Including development € 26.95 [each cartridge excl. VAT]

PDF 7266 download the Foma Data Sheet

By the way. I also developed the first super8 Foma R100 that is being sold by Foma themselve. Now I could easely see that the WittnerChrome Pan R100 package and Foma R100 package are exactly the same. This is a good proof of modern co-operation, two individual companies can achieve more thogether! Click the small image for some large images. [Oh yeah, the Foma projection looked good!].

No limitations, you can also order these films directly in Germany from Wittner Cinetec, as long as you send it to Den Haag for development :-).
[30 March 2012].

Agfa 16mm film

Agfa demo film
I recently bought a colour 16mm magnetic sound film with three short commercial films about new Agfa products. Each product film runs for about 7 minutes, and I guess it was meant for re-sellers. The film is from 1966 and shows the Rapid photo camera's, a new super8 film projector and super8 camera and finally a new series slide projectors combined with the process of slide film development in the Agfa lab! Brilliant shots. For this moment you can only view some snapshots if you click the image on the left. In a few weeks time I will upload the full length 16mm film on this website, just as I did with the Kodak one
[21 March 2012]

Wittner R100

Fomapan R100 available in super8
From now on you can order a new black/white super8 film: Fomapan R100 produced by Wittner Cinetec Germany. Congratulations
! The price is €19,25 excluding development, shipping and 19% VAT.
This emulsion will be sold by the Super8 Reversal Lab shortly including processing.
[20 March 2012].

digital bolex

Digitale Bolex
A Bolex camera is thé tool for all experimental and independent film makers around the world. The Swiss company made very precise and perfectly working camera's that worked (almost) always under any condition. If you have one of these precious camera you can still get them repaired at Bolex Swiss right now.
But now times have changed and we can expect a new but digital Bolex camera on the market since it's not here yet. The 'project' needs to gather enough funding to see the light of day, and if you believe in the idea you can also participate via the kick-start they started.
As analogue person it feels a little like swearing in church, but I know times change and only now and then I wished things would stay as they were before.
[14 March 2012].

Coffee mug

Coffee developer
So yes, you can even develop film with some household ingredients. During a research workshop held by WORM/Filmwerkplaats you can learn how that is been done. It's free of charge so join all!
Location: WORM, Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
When: Friday 23 March from 10.00 till 17.00
Costs: 0 (zero) Euro
Call: +13104767832
Text: +31623396983

[13 March 2012].


Adox will produce a b/w super8 film?
The magazin SchmalFilm Germany announced that we can expect a new black/white super8 film from German company Adox. It was also put on a German Super8 forum here. We can't wait
[8 March 2012].


Diffraktion (incoming message)
LaborBerlin cordially invites you to DIFFRAKTION, a three-day event that includes an exhibition, a film program, and live film performances.
DIFFRAKTION is LaborBerlin’s very own annual event that showcases new works by its members and friends. After two successful editions in 2010 and 2011, LaborBerlin will once again take over Stattbad Wedding’s exhibition spaces and swimming pool hall.
DIFFRAKTION kicks off with the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, February 16th at 6pm, and culminates on Saturday, February 18th with a film screening and special live acts. The closing party will take place in the swimming pool hall. LaborBerlin is proud to present Étienne Caire as a special guest. On Saturday evening Étienne Caire and Xavier Quérel will present their live cinema performance Chéri-Chéri with 16mm projector & 33cl rock´n´roll
[15 Februari 2012].


Fomapan R100 in super8
In the summer of 2012 Wittner Cinetec from Germany will introduce a new black/white super8 film: Fomapan R100. This emulsion is already available in double8, DS8 and 16mm version
. So sit back and relax, super8 will not dye for a long time!
[13 Februari 2012].

Kodak Grafisch Lyceum
The company Dubbelklik teaches students from the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam how they can make a video production, from shooting to editing and final presentation. They recently made an interview with me. This final short video is about my thoughts on the Kodak situation and if celluloid will or will not come to an end. It's only in Dutch language so sorry there are no subtitles. You can view the result here.
[12 February 2012].

Kodachrome alive
A beautifull colour movie film from 1922! The flicker that you see is a result of hand cranked camera's that were used in those days and because the emulsion's density isn't equal everywhere because of it's age. I would say that makes film alive! More about this film here.

[8 February 2012]

Vision-3 super8

Handmade Emulsion Research at IFFR
The Handmade Emulsion research project IFFR with guests Alex MacKenzie and Robert Schaller. Starting point is the home brewing of a silver based emulsion with gelatine, potassium bromide and silver nitrate. January 30-31 Location WORM

Over the years the festival supported the truly independent culture of handprocessing filmmakers and artist run filmlabs. Now that the whole moving image industry is turning digital on all levels, the need for securing filmstock, printers and processing machines becomes more urgent than ever. Important question is also if there is an alternative available for the filmstocks in case the professional labs discontinue the production.

In collaboration with the local lab WORM.filmwerkplaats a research trajectory is initiated on a particular aspect of the real 'home grown' type of film: the creation of handmade film emulsions. The first step is a two day hands-on workshop lead by Esther Urlus, Alex MacKenzie and Robert Schaller to be held in WORM 30-31 january 2012.

For the experienced film artists and artist run labs only. The results will be published on the WORM.filmwerkplaats blog and the forum.

And now you know where you can find me these two days!
[20 Januari 2012].

Vision-3 super8 Kodak Vision-3 already in super8 format
The American company Pro8mm released the new Kodak Vision-3 50ASA color negative film in a super8 cartridge. I think it's available in Europe via Wittner-Cinetec Germany, as they do a lot of business together.
[11 January 2012].
studio2m Studio2m loopmachines
Ruud Molleman is a legend when it comes to building loopmachines for 16mm projections. He created them ever since I met him at the Rietveld academie Amsterdam somewhere around 1993. His Studio2m also build a new fresh a very interesting website. Click the image and go see for yourself, I say congratulations Ruud!
[8 January 2012].
Jean-Luc Godard

Lecture and walk in Den Haag (incoming message)
The Film Atelier Den Haag in co-operation with Residentie Ontdekkingen organise a lecture and a walk for anyone who has an interest in the history of film and cinema of the city Den Haag. Sunday January 22 and Saturday February 4 the lecture + walk along many places in the movie history of Den Haag wil take place. The setting of the lecture is informal around a large table, so that, for those who want there is every opportunity to talk and share thoughts and knowledge. Films, cinemas and other places in Den Haag dealing with film are discussed. The stories are represented by various film clips and photographs and archival materials, these are from the archives of Filmhuis Den Haag. Click here for more about the program via the website of the Film Atelier.

14.00 hours start lecture by Elisa Mutsaers, Film Atelier Den Haag at the Koediefstraat 3a, coffee and tea are provided
15.30 Residentie Ontdekkingen wil guide you for the walk in the city until approximately 17.00 hours

The cost are € 24.50 each person, register using the form on the website of the Film Atelier.
If you have a group of 5 persons we can agree to scedule another date / time.
[7 January 2012]

Kodak Kodak
The large Kodak company has a lot of problems as we can read in the news in the past weeks. That's not nice and it doesn't make us feel any better, after all we love Kodak.
I just want to point out that the situation for celluloid film makers doesn't look bad at all. The division MPI (Motion Picture Imaging) is doing okay and if Kodak goes bankrupt there is a very high chance that Kodak MPI will make a new start, so that celluloid film will be available for the future.
[6 Januari 2012]

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